Daily Archives: July 27, 2014

Zombie Strippers!


Well, these lovelies have been languishing on my desk for almost a year. In fact, I was planning on painting them for ZeDecember last year, but I got distracted by life. All I can say is “better late than never”. And anyway, it’s not like these girls are in a hurry for anything anymore. They’ll be making an appearance in my No More Room in Hell games.

These are Reaper’s Zombie Strippers, from their Chronoscope line. The bases are from Armorcast. I especially love the gal on the left holding the customer’s hand, still clutching some dollar bills.


The strip club (a better view of it above) is a paper building from TommyGun over at Model Paper World. You can find it here.¬†And it’s FREEEEEE!