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WizarDecember is here!

Flush with the heady wine of Dwarvember success, I have decided to host yet another painting challenge for December. As the title of this post implies, it will be wizards that are the focus of this month’s challenge. Once again, the “rules”: Pics/links will be posted here every Saturday in December, starting on the 5th. […]

Making Swampy Terrain

I decided to make some wetlands/marsh terrain for some games after viewing WargamerDad’s tutorial on Youtube. I really like the look of his swamps, so I copied him and here is the result. Some differences do exist, however. WargamerDad used Hirst molds for his ruins, and they look great as you would expect. I just […]

Dwarvember Week Four

The final weekend of Dwarvember has some great submissions! Thanks to all who participated in the painting challenge this month. It’s been a fun time! Without further ado, here are the dwarfs! First up once again is TMPs 144artist with some spectacular Mantic dwarf badger riders! I love these miniatures and didn’t even know about […]

Dwarvember Week Three

We’re past the halfway mark for Dwarvember, and this week has some of the best submissions yet. Let’s dive right in with this awesome dwarf piper conversion by TMP’s Balin Shortstuff! I’ve said previously that being a dwarf and a piper pretty much make a miniature the best thing it can be, and I stand […]

Dwarvember Week Two

Time for more Dwarfs! Week Two of Dwarvember is officially here. So, without further preamble, on to the submissions! First up, some Roman-themed dwarfs from fellow TMPer Fredrick. Fredrick painted this tribune, and here he is seen exhorting his troops. I don’t know who makes these figures, but Roman dwarfs are pretty cool! Fredrick named this fellow […]

Dwarvember Week One

Dwarvember is officially underway! But we’re off to a slow start, so hopefully we’ll have more participants next week. I’ll continue to add more Week One submissions (should I receive any) to this post through tomorrow evening, so check back soon. On with the show! First up is a Reaper Bones Dwarf from TMP’s 144artist: […]

Dwarvember Returns

A couple of years back, fellow  (or perhaps former, he’s been inactive lately) TMPer Sam Sagace hosted Dwarvember, a month-long celebration of all things Dwarvish held in November. Basically, hobbyists were invited to paint at least one dwarf figure per week and post the results. But, since it doesn’t seem like Sam (or anyone else) […]

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