Monthly Archives: May 2017

Julie Newmar


Like many of you, I often have things playing in the background while I’m painting. Sometimes it’s YouTube videos. Sometimes it’s Old Time Radio programs (Gunsmoke and Rocky Jordan are my favorites).

Sometimes it’s other stuff.

The person who loves me most in the world got me the entire Tales of the Gold Monkey DVD set for Christmas. I just finished watching it while painting dwarfs.

Now, I’ve moved on to the Batman TV series. I bought this for myself a few months back.

It should be said that I was born about 7 years after this show aired on TV. So, my familiarity with Adam West’s Batman was mainly gained through my viewing of the series in reruns as a child. In other words, when you’re 6-7 years old, the camp is lost on you and Batman is cool.

Now, I am an adult. And I am a huge Batman and comic book fan. So watching the old TV series makes me laugh. A lot.

One thing that doesn’t make me laugh, though, is Julie Newmar. Holy crap on toast. She is unbelievably hot. Not even really my type.

But damn.