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Mistress of Darkness

Not to be confused with the Mistress of the Dark who recently made an appearance on Roger’s site, this is an old (1989) RAFM miniature that is no longer in production and doesn’t seem to be available anywhere anymore. She is my Character of the Month for Tom’s #paintanadventuringparty challenge over on Instagram. I’m calling her a sorceress.

Here’s a secret: I didn’t paint this miniature: I REPAINTED her. Way back in 1990 or so, I painted her using those wonderful Testors enamels I still have nightmares about. She actually didn’t look too bad, all things considered.

I remembered to snap a picture of her before I repainted her; but not before I added her to this base.

As you can see, I went with a more “Egyptian” theme to her this time around as opposed to the Frazetta-style in which she’s so obviously sculpted. I was likely inspired by all the Egyptian goings-on in The Old Ways Podcast’s Masks of Nyarlathotep game.

Only five more character classes to go for the year: Bard, Monk, Wizard, Warlock and Paladin. Which one will be next?

Guess what? I know the answer to that.

The Pawn: Part 4

Lieutenant Worf stood in Holodeck 4, watching LaForge and Data as they wandered through the three-dimensional holographic recreation of the interior of the Mok’tagh. The isolinear rod had provided enough data to make this simulation possible, and LaForge thought it was the best way to determine what had happened and why. Worf looked around, noting how different the interior of the Mok’tagh was compared to the Enterprise; spartan and cold, with no thought given to aesthetics. He felt his Klingon blood stir. What would it be like to serve aboard a ship such as this–a warrior’s ship–rather than a ship of exploration like Enterprise? He glanced at the PADD in his hand and growled in exasperation.

Data looked up from the holographic EPS conduit he was examining. “Is there a problem, Lieutenant?”

Worf’s eyes narrowed. “Commander, we are wasting time. The Klingons will have little regard for–” he gestured at the simulation, “this.

“We are using our most effective method of determining the cause of the accident aboard the Mok’tagh given the data we have at our disposal. I fail to see how that is an inefficient use of time.”

“The Klingons have already decided Lieutenant Barclay’s guilt. They will not be swayed by holograms.”

“Maybe they won’t have to be.” LaForge sounded puzzled. “Worf, besides Barclay, who else was on the engineering detail?”

Worf regarded the PADD. ” Enisgns Mokta and Ramirez, Crewmen Steinway and Cortland, Specialist J’zhara.”

That’s six,” LaForge said, “and they’re all here. But that makes no sense. The conduit that exploded was one level down. None of our crew were anywhere near there.” Geordi regarded his tricorder. “Wait a minute. This shows some modifications were done from the engineering deck.”

Data spoke. “Computer: please display the engineering deck of the Mok’tagh, same time stamp.” The room shimmered and the EPS conduit tubes were replaced with the environment of the Klingon engineering deck. Several Klingons were manning their positions. All seemed calm and in order, except for one thing.

“Guys,” said LaForge, “who the hell is that?”

“A Vulcan?” Picard asked. “Explain.”

“We don’t know, sir,” answered LaForge. He regarded the display screen in the observation lounge, where the image of a tall, middle-aged Vulcan man in a Starfleet engineering uniform was pictured. He looked around the room at the senior staff, seated once again at the conference table. “One thing’s for sure, he’s not an engineer on this ship. I’ve never seen him before.”

“Someone not in Starfleet, then?” asked Troi. “There are plenty of civilians aboard.”

“Computer,” Picard said, “How many Vulcans are presently aboard the Enterprise?”

“There is a total of 84 Vulcans aboard,” the ship’s computer answered.

“Are all accounted for?”


“Identify this person.” Picard commanded.

“Identity unknown.”

“We inquired already, sir,” Data said. “There is no record of this individual ever setting foot on the Enterprise.”

“Near as we can tell, he must have split off from Barclay’s team and went to the engineering deck on his own,” said LaForge. “That’s probably where the sabotage occurred.”

Barclay protested. “But he didn’t split off! He was never with us, Commander! I’m sure of it!” He seemed to realize he was shouting, and lowered his voice. “I think I would have noticed someone I don’t know on my team…”

“As you were, Lieutenant,” Riker said. “No one in this room doubts your word.”

“That is about to change,” said Worf, as the doors to the observation lounge opened, signaling the return of the three Klingons.

“Well, Picard?” asked B’rul. “Are you ready to hand your officer over for interrogation?” Picard gestured to the empty chairs again. After a moment, B’rul sat, the others following suit.

“It seems, Captain,” Picard began, “that we have something of a mystery on our hands.” He briefly explained the situation to the Klingons. “We strongly suspect this man,” Picard indicated the image of the Vulcan on the screen, “is our saboteur, but we have been unable to identify him.”

“Not surprising,” laughed Gr’val. “One Vulcan looks much like another.” His remark was met with stony silence. Even B’rul looked disgusted. “Shut your mouth, you ignorant fool,” he said in Klingon. Gr’val flushed and stared at the table.

“What are you playing at, Picard?” demanded B’rul. “This Vulcan transported to the Mok’tagh from the Enterprise. He’s one of your engineers!”

“I assure you, he is not,” Picard said. “We have no record of this individual ever being aboard this ship.”

“Lies!” shouted Gr’val, pointing at Picard.

B’rul turned to him slowly, his eyes flashing. He did not bother to address his adjutant in the Klingon language this time. “If you dare to speak without my leave again, you will not leave this room.” Gr’val clamped his mouth shut. Dresa smirked.

B’rul stood up and approached the viewscreen console. He stared at the unfamiliar interface for a moment, then began to access the data from the isolinear rod. “These are the transportation communications between the Mok’tagh and your ship,” he said.

Everyone listened as the logs began to play. “Enterprise to Mok’tagh,” came the voice of Transporter Chief O’Brien. “Six to beam aboard.”

“Acknowledged,” came a gruff Klingon voice. A moment later, the whine of the transporter could be heard.

“Transport complete,” came the Klingon voice again.

Barclay began to speak. “Yes, that was when we beamed over. But there was no Vulcan with us. Specialist J’zhara is Andorian and Ensign Mokta is Tellarite, the rest of us are human–“

“Silence!” B’rul said, holding up his hand, as O’Brien’s voice began again.

Enterprise to Mok’tagh: looks like we forgot one. He’s on his way over now.”

Star Trek Adventures: Outpost 51; The Inquiry

The crew returned from the Shakedown Cruise of the U.S.S. Adventure two months ago. Since then, the vessel has been docked at the Denali substation at Outpost 51 pending an inquiry into the loss of Captain Boardman and the subsequent actions taken by Commander Logan, particularly those that caused a diplomatic incident with the Cardassian Union and the Ferengi Alliance. The ship received minor repairs, mostly cosmetic; while the data collected on the mysterious alien vessel was analyzed and processed. The Maquis agents discovered at the mining colony were sent to Security for interrogation.

The Adventure‘s captain’s chair remained vacant while Starfleet conducted an inquiry. Over the next few weeks, all senior staff and department heads were interviewed by a panel of four of Starfleet’s top brass. The panel was chaired by Admiral Alynna Nechayev, and consisted of Fleet Admiral Shanthi, Admiral Owen Paris, and Captain Tomek.

It was not a trial, at least officially; but it sure felt like one. One by one, the officers were all called before the panel to give statements on their role during the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Adventure. They faced some hard questions, particularly from Admiral Nechayev, who lived up to her reputation for being no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, and–quite frankly–scary.

“So, to be clear,” she said at one point, “On her very first mission, the Adventure lost her Captain and her Chief Science Officer, both of whom seem to have been mentally unbalanced; and managed to provoke and antagonize both the Cardassians and the Ferengi, both of whom are demanding concessions and satisfaction from the Federation. Sounds like a resounding success.”

Despite this, Admiral Nechayev seemed mostly concerned with the Cardassians; what they were doing, why they crossed into the Neutral Zone, and what the crew’s opinion was of the Cardassian officers they interacted with: Legate Jabrel and Gul Drazel. Fleet Admiral Shanthi and Admiral Paris questioned Commander Logan’s decisions and the decisions of Captain Boardman, up to and including his rash decision to abandon ship on a seemingly suicidal mission. They asked if there was any warning of Boardman’s tenuous mindset beforehand; any indication that he should have been relieved of duty by his First Officer ( Commander Logan) or by the Chief Medical Officer. They also asked about Chief Science Officer Shazak Fulexian; wondering aloud how anyone so unstable could be tapped to lead the science department on a Federation starship.

Throughout the proceedings, Captain Tomek said very little. In fact, he seemed to accept the official version of events presented at face value.

Eventually, the discussion turned to who would captain the Adventure now that Boardman was gone. As a new, Akira-class vessel; the Adventure would need a strong captain. Although Commander Logan assumed command under dire circumstances, was she the right person to sit in the captain’s chair permanently?

Admiral Nechayev made the case that Commander Logan is known to the Cardassians now; that putting her in command of the Adventure may be sending a message to the Cardassians that “cowboy diplomacy” is an option that is on the table, should it be required. This term elicited a collective chuckle from the three admirals; but predictably, Captain Tomek, a Vulcan, showed no reaction. Rather, he began to speak.

“I feel it is necessary to remind everyone that I never supported the decision to give Captain Boardman command of the Adventure.”

Fleet Admiral Shanthi sighed. “Gloating doesn’t become you, Tomek.”

“Gloating is something humans do,” said Tomek. “It is illogical to take pleasure in the knowledge you were correct when your counsel went unheeded, nonetheless. Rather, it is more productive to consider a future course of action in light of past lessons. I merely state that I believe now, as I did then, that there are better candidates for command of the Adventure. Commander Logan has exhibited sound judgement and has performed her duties competently. But she is not the best choice.”

Admiral Paris spoke up: “I feel like we’ve discussed this before.“

“That is because we have discussed it before,” Tomek said. “Ronan Lyko should captain the Adventure. It is only logical.”

“Captain Lyko commands the Ostrander,” said Admiral Nechayev.

“An antiquated, Cheyenne-class vessel, well past its prime,” said Tomek. “His abilities and experience would be better utilized in command of the Adventure.”

Fleet Admiral Shanthi cleared her throat. “After Wolf 359, Captain Lyko was offered his choice of vessels. He has made his feelings on the matter clear. He wishes to remain in command of the Ostrander.”

Tomek looked at each of the admirals in turn. “It is my understanding that Captain Lyko’s is still a Starfleet officer, and thus subject to assignment, regardless of his personal wishes.”

“Might I suggest we table this conversation for now?” Admiral Nechayev rang the bell to adjourn the inquiry. “This inquiry has concluded. You will be notified of our findings within a few days.” Everyone slowly filed out of the room.

The Adventure was docked for the duration of the inquiry; thus the senior staff was assigned to other duties around Outpost 51 and the Denali substation until it was concluded. Lieutenant Kl’rt Beta, Helm Officer, had to content himself with piloting shuttlecraft between the outpost and the substation, carrying personnel and cargo back and forth. It was a big step down from being at the conn of an Akira-class starship. Since all he really did was pilot the Adventure, his actions weren’t in question as far as the inquiry panel was concerned. His testimony was brief, merely verifying the version of events as presented by Commander Logan and the ship’s own combat data.

Chief of Security Daris Pak had a bit more to account for. She was in charge of the tactical station; so it fell to her to explain every phaser blast and photon torpedo launched during the course of the Adventure’s clash with the Cardassians and Ferengi. Until the Adventure was flying again she was assigned to menial duties aboard the Denali docking substation; cargo inspections and routine security details: a complete waste of her talent and ability. She supplemented her time by teaching self-defense classes to enlisted personnel who would likely never have need for her training. One of her classes was disrupted by a few rowdy Klingons who scoffed at Starfleet security training, since it emphasized de-escalation and non-injurious conflict resolution. Commander Pak took the opportunity to instruct one Klingon in particular about the danger of underestimating an opponent.

Chief Engineer Suvak was most worried about retaining his post aboard the Adventure; not because of anything he did or failed to do; but rather because he never would have been assigned to the Adventure in the first place if it wasn’t for Captain Boardman. Boardman was a strong advocate for the Vulcan, despite the fact the Suvak had spent decades in an alternate dimension. As a result of a transporter accident, he was now somewhat behind as far as current Starfleet technology was concerned. Nonetheless, Boardman saw something in Suvak that made him pass up more qualified candidates in favor of the Vulcan. In light of his obvious mental instability, would Boardman’s favor ultimately harm Suvak?

Suvak decided to spend his time as productively as possible. He proposed some modifications to the Adventure: remove the extensive shuttle bays in favor of improved power systems. After all, the Adventure didn’t need two runabouts and six shuttlecraft. It seemed destined for a more martial role; improved power systems would ensure the ship had power to phasers when it needed to fight, or power to warp drive when it needed to flee; and it would still allow Adventure to carry one runabout and three shuttlecraft. HIs proposal was accepted. He and Chief Station Engineer Malcolm Khofi spent most of the two months overseeing the modifications.

Commander Logan, meanwhile, was temporarily relieved of command duties while the Inquiry was ongoing. When not answering the panel’s questions, she spent most of her time in her quarters, wondering if she made the correct decisions in light of what had occurred. She was confident she had; in hindsight, she would not have done anything differently. She did not know either Captain Boardman or Commander Fulexian well, nor was she a counselor. She had no way of predicting their aberrant behavior.

She received an unexpected visit from Captain Tomek, who came to her quarters to inform her that the Maquis operative, Hoddek, had finally cracked under interrogation and was giving up some valuable information. Tomek was on his way to the Denali substation to meet with Kalar Duren, the Betazoid interrogator who was questioning Hoddek, and wanted Logan to accompany him. Duren was both Counselor and Chief of Security aboard the substation, dividing his time between the two positions as needed. Tomek seemed to hold him in high regard.

Tomek and Logan met in shuttle bay 3 an hour later to find Lieutenant Beta awaiting them. It was the first time Logan had seen her helm officer since the Adventure’s return. Beta flew the two senior officers to the substation, where he left them to pass some time playing dom-jot with Master Chief Engineer Holt Belmont, a likeable enlisted man whom everyone–including Beta–seemed to owe a favor. Along the way to the interrogation room, Logan picked up Commander Suvak, who took the opportunity to brief Logan on the modifications to the Adventure as they walked. All three arrived at the Security Office to find Lt. Commander Pak was there already, checking her duty roster.

Suvak, Pak, Logan and Tomek met with Kalar Duren to hear the results of the interrogation. Hoddek revealed that a high-ranking individual operating around Deep Space Nine was a key Maquis agent. He claimed not to know the person’s identity, and Duren believed him. Still, it wasn’t long ago that Lieutenant Commander Calvin Hudson had deserted Starfleet to join the Maquis; causing a significant amount of damage and security risk. Tomek recalled that Hudson was a personal friend of Commander Benjamin Sisko. Now, news of another high-ranking Maquis operating around Deep Space Nine was of great concern, and a bit too coincidental for the Vulcan’s liking.

Upon leaving the Security Office, Tomek pulled Logan aside. “I see no need to draw this out. The panel has decided that you are to retain command of the Adventure. Congratulations, Captain Logan. Unfortunately, there will be little time for formal recognition. Please ensure the Adventure is ready to depart, and make any changes to your personnel as you see fit. We leave for Deep Space Nine in three days.”

Logan saluted Captain Tomek, who returned the gesture solemnly. “Thank you, Captain.” She said. It sounded odd to her, not having to call him “sir” any longer.

Word of the Adventure’s destination spread rather quickly as Logan assembled her crew. Over the dom-jot table, Holt Belmont grinned at Lieutenant Beta. :So,” he said, “I hear you’re back behind the wheel, headed to DS9.”

“That’s what they tell me,” said Beta.

Belmont’s smile widened. “Beta, buddy…I was wondering if you could do me a favor…”

Gentlemen, Paint Your Monsters!

Monster Month has officially started! Don’t let the title of this post exclude anyone. You don’t need to be a gentleman to participate. Welcome, peasantry of all genders!

I have some ambitious projects I hope to complete by month’s end, including two projects that were started YEARS ago. When all is done, I hope to have finished four monsters in total. I’m also in the middle of painting more Trek miniatures, and don’t want to abandon them, either…we’ll have to see how things turn out.

Below are links to all the hobbyists who have agreed to take part in the Monster Month challenge. Don’t see your name? That’s because you didn’t let me know! Fret not, anyone can jump in anytime. Just leave me a comment or shoot me an email ( with a link to your blog or website and I will include you forthwith!

I’ve prattled on enough. Here there be monsters!


Roger, aka Dick Garrison, from Rantings From Under the Wargames Table

Dave Stone from Wargames Terrain Workshop

Matt from PMPainting

Coyotepunc from Coyotepunc’s Creativity

Ken from Blue Moose Arts

Jeremy, aka Carrion Crow, from Carrion Crow’s Buffet

Harry from War Across the Ages

You can find links to all these blogs (and others) in the sidebar as well.

Happy Painting!

Huge Downsizing Sale

In April, 2013, I posted My Pile of Insanity, which detailed how much unpainted lead (and plastic) I had at the time and my plan to dig myself out of it.

I failed miserably to excavate myself and I have only accumulated more stuff since then. Projects I will never begin, let alone finish.  Therefore I need to part with some of this stuff, no matter how painful it may be.

The following stuff is for sale. Buyer to pay shipping. I will, of course, combine shipping on multiple items to ensure the cheapest rate. Prices are indicated below.

With the exception of the Hordes/Warmachine stuff, I want to sell these as lots and I’m not really interested in splitting them up.

Don’t like my prices? Make me a reasonable offer and perhaps I can be moved.

I might consider trades on some of the smaller lots, but my list of trade wants is small and specific (since I’m trying to get rid of stuff, not accumulate more). See the list at the end for what I will consider.

Email me at OR PM me on  The Miniatures Page to make an offer.

First up: I have  a huge American Civil War/Napoleonics lot, roughly 10mm-15mm. I’m asking $100 for all of it, roughly 300 figures including personalities and cannon. For lots more info on that, check out this link. There are tons of  other pictures over there too.


Avalon Hill Stalingrad (1976) $50

Complete, Unpunched. About as good as you’ll find outside of shrinkwrap.


Victory Games James Bond 007 Assault! $50

Still in shrinkwrap, can be used with or without the old James Bond RPG.



Warhammer Fantasy Battle:

High Elf Lot (All unpainted, unassembled) $260.00

Cavalry Patrol Box Set: 1 mounted hero, 1 Ellyrian Reaver Champion, 4 Ellyrian Reavers, 5 Silver Helms, 1 Tiranoc Chariot and 1 Waystone (scenic item).

High Elf Battalion: 8 Silver Helms, 16 Elf Warriors, 16 Archers, 1 Bolt thrower Still in shrinkwrap.

High Elf Warriors Regiment (16 Warriors). Still shrinkwrapped.

High Elf Silver Helms Regiment (8 Silver Helms). Still shrinkwrapped.

The General on Griffon from Isle of Blood (assembled, unpainted. Lance broken but fixable).  (loose) (for some reason I forgot to put him in the picture. If you want a picture let me know.)

Some extra Ellyrian Reavers (I think 2-3)

High Elf Mages blister (1 mounted, on afoot). MIB

Total:  27 + Cavalry, 48 infantry,  1 general on griffon, 2 mages (1 mounted), 2 bolt throwers, 1 Chariot and 1 Waystone.


Lizardmen Lot: $50.00

Warlord Kroq-gar on Carnosaur (still shrinkwrapped)

50 old style skinks with bows (1 painted)

8 Saurus riders on Cold Ones ( assembled, some partially painted).

Saurus sprues to complete the riders


Dreadball (the original) $45

Orc Miniatures primed black and minimally painted, otherwise MIB


It Came From Beyond the Still Lot $60

ICFBTS Rulebook and ICFBTS: Somethin in the Sauce expansion

Blobs Faction (5 unpainted resin blobs)

2 Rusty Rail Stills (unassembled, unpainted and MIB)


Z-Man Games Ninjato $40

Complete, unpunched



Croe’s Cutthroats (6) box set: $35

( NIB, all unassembled, unpainted)

Legion of Everblight Thagrosh: Messiah of Everblight  $30

(NIB, unassembled, unpainted)

Malifaux Lot $45

Collodi the Puppeteer Box set (Old version, Shrinkwrapped)

Ten Thunders Archers (on sprue)

Kirai Ankoku (old style), MIB


Vor: the Maelstrom Boxed Set  $45.00

(all scenery and miniatures unpainted/unassembled, includes an extra Growler Bull)



Gutshot  $15

A Fistful of Kung Fu $12

TSR’s Battlesystem 2nd Edition $10


Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader RPG $35

Near Mint. Retail $60

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Companion Rules (OOP) :$30


GDW Twilight: 2000 original boxed set + extra. $20

Box has some wear, but all books are NM and present. Also includes US Army Vehicle Guide book (not NM)




Knight Models Batman Miniatures Lot $20

Frank Miller Batman (Dark Knight Returns) (MIB)

Joker (Heath Ledger version) (MIB)

Do You Worship Cthulhu? $8

Card Game NIB



Rackham Confrontation Lot $15

Chaplain of the Temple MIB

Velrys the Impure MIB

Limited Edition Baba Yagob MIB


Anima Tactics

Alessa  Raincross MIB $5 (Not Pictured)

Rattrap Productions Fantastic Worlds

The Pit Beast MIB $8

WFB Empire:

Valten: Loose, unpainted. $3

Warhammer 40K

30th anniversary Rogue Trader marine: (broken banner pole, unpainted, resin  $3

Bronze Age/Tin Man Mars Miniatures Lot $18

BA Wasteland Mutants 3 and 12, MIB

Tin Man “Incubator” terrain piece


Northstar Ronin $25

(9 figures, unassembled, unpainted without box)


Old Glory Pirates $25

(14 Miniatures, 13 unpainted, one primed black and partially painted). From the Old Glory Army set.



40K OOP Mordian Iron Guardsmen. I do not want heavy or special weapons. Just Guardsmen with lasguns.

OOP Sentinels (the old style) Like THIS

The long OOP Thunderbolt Mountain “Death’s Door” diorama, by Tom Meier.

Certain Imperial Assault or X-Wing miniatures

I’m also looking to replace some long OOP Middle Earth: The Wizards cards from the ICE Collectible Card Game. If anyone has any of those, I have a short list.

Once again, email me at if you’re interested in any of this stuff. Or PM me on The Miniatures Page (The Angry Piper).

Thanks for looking!


More Stuff for Sale

With the recent demise of my AD&D campaign, I have decided to downsize some of my miniatures, especially those that I will no longer have a need for now that the game is over, as well as those “Oooh, shiny!” bits I bought on impulse but will realistically never use.

Shipping will be in the cheapest USPS flat rate box I can fit it in. Of course I will combine shipping on multiple items, but I’m only shipping to the lower 48. Sorry!


First up: a mess o’ GW Lizardmen. 38 skinks, assembled and primed. 8 Saurus riders on cold ones, assembled and in some cases, partially painted (not by me). A Terradon rider, New in Blister, and Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur, New in Box, still shrink-wrapped. Plus, I’m throwing in a Saurian Idol from Hydra miniatures, just because I’ll now never use it and it’s a cool terrain piece, as well as a ton of lizardmen/skink bitz.. Buying this stuff new from GW would cost over $175, not including a bunch of skinks and the Saurian Idol. Of course, I’m not GW, so I’ll take $100 for everything, plus shipping.



Fourth: A Hordes Legion of Everblight Thragosh the Messiah, New in Box. Retails for $45, I’ll take $30 plus shipping.


Fifth: Some Malifaux odds and ends: Kirai Ankoku, New in Blister, and a full sprue with cards of Ten Thunders Archers. I bought these guys at Gen Con a couple of years ago, and I threw out the box so it would fit in my carry-on. But everything is there. About $40 retail for both, I’ll take $20 plus shipping.


Last: a Rogue Trader commemorative marine, in Finecast. It’s missing the banner pole. Came to me in a trade, and I don’t want it. $10 plus shipping and it’s yours.

Email me at or PM me on The Miniatures Page if interested.

I’ll also entertain trades for the following:

GW Mordian Iron Guard troopers. No special or heavy weapons, just guardsmen.

28mm Old West miniatures: Blue Moon, Foundry, Copplestone, Brigade Games.

I’d like a few more of those Dwarf Wall Obstacles that came in Battle for Skull Pass, if anyone’s got them.

If offering cash money, you should be aware that I only take Paypal.

Thanks for looking!