Pulp Cops

I got the pulp bug again, although to be sure I never really lost it. I painted these cops a while back for use with Rattrap’s .45 Adventure, which is my pulp rule set of choice. In truth, it’s the only rule set I’ve ever used to play pulp. I like it, though, so I haven’t needed to try anything else yet.


All these cops are from Bob Murch’s Pulp Figures line. Some of them are customizable, like the cop on the right in the picture above. You can give him either a billy club or a pistol. I opted for the club.

When the cops need a little something extra, they break out the big guns, like this machine gun here. The shotgun cop on the right is another customizable piece.

The sergeant with the megaphone is one of my favorite models. These cops were easy to paint all at once, considering they’re all wearing the same colors. Now I have more than enough police to take on my gangsters (coming soon).