Gangsters and Thugz

Adversaries for my army of Pulp Cops, these gat-men are also from Bob Murch’s Pulp Figures line. Below is Bugs Malarchy’s Mob (PGJ-02), one well-heeled group of hoods. With three Thompsons (who really believes there’s a violin in that case?), these guys mean business!

My personal favorite miniature is “Chopper” McCoy all the way on the right. He looks like a psycho and reminds me of Eddie Dane in Miller’s Crossing.

Up next is another crew of gangsters from Pulp Figures, These Guns for Hire (PGJ-04) I posed them with a car that purists will know isn’t from the 20’s, but it looks good enough.

Fast forwarding seven decades or so, I picked these guys up from Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy a few months back. They’re from Bobby Jackson’s controversial Thugz line. I love them, but I’m a little bummed I’m missing two of the coolest sculpts. Nonetheless, here are my modern gangstas, probably for use as a gang  in a zombie game.

My favorite is the guy all the way to the left. I’m pretty happy with the way he came out. They’re all packing heat (even the girl on the right, it’s behind her back), except for the big woman. But take a look at her. Do you really think she needs any help?

Here they are posed with some cops from the (I believe) now-defunct Mississinewa Miniatures line.

Uh-Oh, Five-O!!

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