Happy Halloween

In honor of the coming holiday, I’ve decided to post some spooky-themed fantasy miniatures from my ongoing AD&D 3.5 campaign. My players  ran into most of these guys over the course of the last year.

First up is the old good witch/bad witch combo. The players first ran into the nice, pretty witch who was being blamed for the disappearance of some children. After a quick visit to her house in the woods, they had a hard time believing she was anything but  a nice lady. Turns out she was really an evil hag in disguise. The good witch is Reaper’s Selmarina (Reaper 02682), the bad one is Wyrd’s Zoraida the Hag, from their Malifaux line. The gravestone on Selmarina is from a GW zombie sprue, the one on Zoraida was part of the original base of the scarecrow, below. The pumpkins are from Reaper’s pumpkins and jack o’lanterns set (Reaper 02992). The stakes on Zoraida’s base are from Lance & Laser.

After finding out the witch really was to blame, the party returned ready for a fight. They got one from her guardian golem, Gourdy. They were forewarned, however, by her unwilling servant, Cobb the scarecrow, who travels with them still. Cobb is a RAFM Shrieking Scarecrow (RAFM 03856), while Gourdy is Reaper’s Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem (Reaper 03377). Cobb’s post is scratch-built, and the leaves are from Hudson and Allen studios.

The players ran into these spooky ghosts while plundering… er, I mean exploring a tomb. The one on the left is a Reaper Spectral Minion (Reaper 14327) mounted on a Malifaux graveyard base. The others are from an OOP GW Spirit Host. They were all designed to fit on one base, but I separated them and individually based them. Nothing particularly impressive about the paint job, but it looks ghostly enough for me. I was tempted to paint the spirit hosts ghosts as the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ghosts from The Scooby-Doo Show S1 E15: The Ghost of the Bad Humor Man, but decided against it.

Last are some odds and ends. Nicodem, the Undertaker from Wyrd’s Malifaux line served a necromancer with a vulture familiar, and was the very first “boss” the party encountered in the campaign. I tried to paint him in a monochromatic color scheme, but found it difficult. Still, I like the overall effect. He’s mounted on a Malifaux graveyard base. Next to him is an old Reaper miniature, Jean-Paul DuChamps, Werewolf (Reaper 02139). He actually never made an appearance in the game, but I included him anyway because I painted him over the last year in between other projects.

Happy Halloween to all!