2 thoughts on “Saga’tember Interlude: Some Subtle Foreshadowing….

  1. Jeremy Winstanley

    Subtle? Hmmm…given the roster of heroes and villains and the specific costumes being worn, this can only mean one thing…Secret Wars! How closely will it follow the plot? Will Klaw be sliced up into lenses for Doom’s nefarious plan? Should be fun finding out.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Yes, indeed, Jez…it’s been my secret plan for a while now to run the Secret Wars. I’ve been slowly painting heroes and villains with this in mind. Last weekend some friends came by and I thought I’d play the first scenario (the sneak attack by the villains in SW#2), but we opted for a different Super Mission Force scenario instead: The Rampaging Hulk! (watch this space soon!)
      Part of the challenge is trying to come up with gaming scenarios that aren’t just mass battles. I re-read the Secret Wars and I have some ideas…

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