What time is it?

Last month, while unwisely browsing eBay’s listings, I stumbled across this Ben Grimm miniature:

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you again: What time is it?

I think we all know what Mr. Grimm would say.

Knight Models is a Spanish company that makes those terrific (and hugely overpriced) miniatures for the Batman Miniatures Game. (I splurged and bought a Killer Croc, because I really liked it.) For a brief time, they had the license to produce Marvel miniatures, too. I very much covet their Hulk model, and I would love to get one. But man, are they pricey on the secondary market! Most eBay listings for the KM Hulk start at around $75. That’s a shitload more than I want to pay for ANY miniature. (I don’t pony up that kind of cash to GW; I’m not about to give it to someone else, either.)

This miniature of Thing was listed on eBay for $25 with free shipping. It was mint in the box. I bought it. I’m glad I did.

First off, he’s huge. At 75mm, he’s way bigger than a Heroclix Thing. (I find the Heroclix “big guys” to be kind of small, but YMMV.) More on that below.

He’s a three-piece casting: the legs, body and left arm. The miniature required some filing and filling with green stuff to fit together properly. Not a big deal, but it was an essential step. I primed him black.

I based him on a 40mm Micro Arts Studio urban base and gave him his first basecoat: Citadel Ratskin Flesh for the orange rocky skin, and P3 Exile Blue for his speedo.

Here he is completed. I highlighted  his skin with Citadel Macharius Orange and a drybrush of Fire Dragon Bright, before giving the cracks a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone. His trunks were highlighted with Vallejo Prussian Blue and Reaper Dragon Blue.

Here’s the Fantastic Four from the early Clobberin’ Time Heroclix set. As you can see, Thing doesn’t look too bad.

But HERE is the Knight Models Thing with the rest of the Heroclix FF. Much better, don’t you think?

I plan on using the Knight Models Thing in any supers game where his large size doesn’t obviously conflict with other models of similar scale; in other words, I wouldn’t use this KM Thing in the same game I use a Heroclix Hulk (that would just be dumb) Instead I’ll use the ‘clix Thing for that.

There are presently two Knight Models miniatures I desperately want to acquire: the Hulk and Solomon Grundy, both seemingly impossible to find for sale at a reasonable price any longer.

I’ll keep looking, though…


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 Miniatures Painted Thus Far: 41

Miniatures Purchased: 1

Total: +40


4 thoughts on “What time is it?

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Yeah, he was a blast to paint, and actually a very quick project. Unfortunately I am not on Facebook, so I can’t utilize that group. I’ve since picked up a couple more Knight Models miniatures (not the ones I really want, of course), and it seems they all require a fair bit of fiddling, sanding and gap-filling prior to assembly.
      Thanks for the kind words!

  1. dick garrison

    You lucky sod!!I’m a great “Thing” fan and covet that miniature sooo much!!!! I’ve nearly bought him a couple of times when I’ve seen him at shows but have always been put off by the price. He is a stunning piece of kit though.

    Ideally you could do with one half way between the “Klix” model and this. I would be tempted to use him in a game just to have him pummel the Hulk into the ground!! (I have a bit of a problem with the Hulk always seeming to beat Ben, can you tell?).

    Lovely paintjob by the way, shame I shall have to hate you now for the rest of my life 😉

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      I did get lucky, as KM Thing’s price is climbing steadily. He’s nowhere near what the asking price is for a KM Hulk, but he’s not going to get any cheaper, either. I recommend you bite the bullet if you really want him bad enough. I have seen a wide variation in his asking price, too…it’s definitely worth shopping around.
      And I understand your hatred, Roger. I kind of hate Kieron, because he owns the KM Hulk.
      Kind of, but not really. 🙂

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