Zombtober Week 4: Repaints and a Classic!

Zombtober comes to an end, and I present my final submission: a group of repaints and a classic Ral Partha miniature!

First up are the repaints: two Horrorclix zombies and two Indy Heroclix miniatures, repainted and rebased for use in the apocalypse. From L-R, a Horrorclix Zombie Patient, a Cheerleader Zombie, an Indy Clix Abbey Chase, and an Indy Clix Tiger Lily.

I like the patient zombie a lot, but the cheerleader is kind of silly. She’s using fistfuls of guts for pom-poms. I am not familiar with Tiger Lily or Abbey Chase, so I had no misgivings about repainting them completely for use as modern survivors. The Abbey Chase miniature could also work for a pulp heroine. Tiger Lily looks like Peter Criss without the armor. Repainting her face was easy, but what was kind of annoying was her T-Shirt. It has some design on it that I couldn’t make out, so I just painted the broken heart over it and I think it looks ok.

But Zombtober isn’t about REPAINTING zombies; it’s about painting zombies. Thus I present some old-school love: a classic Ral Partha zombie I’ve had since the mid 1980’s. He has never seen paint until now, so if nothing else, Zombtober has enabled me to get some long-overdue painting done!


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Insanity Pile Progress

 Miniatures Painted Thus Far: 43

Miniatures Purchased: 13

Total: +30

4 thoughts on “Zombtober Week 4: Repaints and a Classic!

  1. Kieron

    For a moment I was struggling to frame a nice response about your reprints…then I scrolled down and realised the first picture is the original factory paint jobs. 🙂

    Your work is excellent. I love the two zombies and the design on the t-shirt is cool.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks for the laugh, Kieron. With very few exceptions, clix have abysmal paint jobs, especially the early “colored ring” miniatures (which all of these are). It doesn’t take much to make them look a lot better than “factory-direct”, that’s for sure. Thanks for the kind words. I really didn’t know what to do with the Tiger Lily T-shirt design (I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be), so I just went with the overall shape and made a broken heart out of it.

  2. dick garrison

    you re-paints as excellent as always Keith, and I think it would be a churlish man who said they didn’t count towards your total!

    Likewise great work on the classic “zom” too, but sadly the thing that impressed my most was the two “stone planters” in the last two pictures, where did you get them from!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Roger.
      The planters are part of the “Cobblestone Corners” Christmas village scenery line. I got them (and all my street lamps) from their collection at super cheap prices. They were sold at the dollar stores (Dollar Tree, specifically) here in the US, but sadly they seem to no longer carry them. The people and houses are a bit too big for 28mm, but some of the scenics are just fine. 4 streetlights for a buck, you can’t beat that. They also make cheap trees.
      Like I said, it seems Dollar Tree no longer carries the line. Not sure why. But you can see the planters and the streetlights by following that link.

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