“Strongest One There Is!”

Jealousy. I has it.

The source? Not an unfaithful wife. Not another’s success, wealth or good looks. Not even another’s superior painting skill or bagpiping prowess. None of these. Yet my particular jealousy was a daily, unwelcome guest for many months. It would arrive when unexpected and stay far too long, like an irritating relative, or an annoying ghost. It consumed me and I could think of little else.

Put simply, I coveted the Knight Models Hulk miniature possessed by frequent Dead Dick’s visitor and owner of Cheaphammer, Kieron, and wanted it for my own.

I’m not proud of this. Although I nursed my envy closely and didn’t let Kieron know how hotly it burned, it remains that jealousy is unbecoming. It diminished me as a person. And over what? It’s just a miniature. A MINIATURE.

Well, I am happy to report that all that is past, and that I am no longer consumed with burning jealousy. I would like to say that is because I have evolved as a person. That I have now realized that jealousy is a base, toxic emotion that is an obstacle on my path to self-actualization. I would like to say that, but I can’t.

Because the real reason I am no longer jealous of Kieron’s Knight Models Incredible Hulk miniature IS ‘CUZ I GOT MY OWN!

I finally managed to snag one off of eBay! The price? More than I would typically pay for any miniature, but certainly nowhere near what the “standard” starting point is for this particular model on the secondary market. With shipping, it was still less than almost everything on Games Workshop’s site.

And I love it so.

This model is HUGE, and it’s all metal.  It’s also an asshole of a miniature. It’s seven pieces (not counting the base), and because it’s a Knight Models miniature, it was a pain in the ass to put together, requiring much in the way of gap-filling green stuff and Magic Sculpt.

I knew right away I wanted my Hulk to be darker in hue than the Knight Models version. I was never a big fan of the neon green Hulk. (I have a Hallmark Hulk Christmas ornament that’s particularly egregious; he might as well be yellow. If it wasn’t stored away in my attic with all my other Christmas decorations, I’d show you.)

To achieve this, I first primed him black. Then I painted his skin Citadel Caliban Green, followed by Vallejo Uniform Green, and finally Coat D’arms Goblin Green. Then I applied a wash of Citadel Waywatcher Green, followed by a final application of Yellow Wash. The pants were painted Citadel Naggaroth Night, followed by Vallejo Royal Purple, highlighted with Citadel Screamer Pink. The final highlight was a thinned-down wash of Vallejo Warlord Purple. The shirt (what’s left of it) was based with Reaper’s Bone Shadow, highlighted with Reaper’s Polished Bone and Vampiric Skin.  I applied two coats of Citadel Stirland Mud to the base before I drybrushed it with Reaper Stained Ivory and added all the grass and tufts.

To give you a better idea of how enormous the KM Hulk is, here he is between a Reaper Hill Giant (also all metal) and a Heroclix Hulk. Most impressive, n’est ce-pas?

Last year I played a Super Mission Force scenario based on Hulk #300, in which pretty much every Marvel hero in New York tries to stop the rampaging Hulk from destroying the city. One of my friends who is a lifelong Hulk fan controlled the Hulk, while the rest of us took teams of various heroes. For that, I used the Heroclix Hulk shown above. Nice, but…

You see what I’m saying?

Above: The Leader is using his super-brain to calculate to the nearest power just how exponentially fucked he is.

With the release of SMF 2nd Edition and my acquisition of this model, I think it might be time to fire up that scenario once again, to prove once and for all that “HULK IS STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!”

This is the first miniature I’ve painted in a while, as Terrain Time had been my focus last month. The insanity pile has suffered a bit, as in addition to the Hulk I bought a box of Modiphius Klingons, too…

Insanity Pile Progress

Miniatures Purchased: 69

Miniatures Painted: 123

Total: +54

6 thoughts on ““Strongest One There Is!”

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Scott. It’s easily twice the size of a standard 28mm miniature, and he weighs a lot (you wouldn’t want to get hit with it, that’s for sure). He’s big and impressive enough to be the centerpiece of a “Titan” scenario.
      I’m pretty happy with how he came out. One guy on TMP said it looks like he’s holding part of the Thing.

  1. dick garrison

    That is a cracking model, I too like the darker pallet on yours as opposed to the “bright” knight version, also congrats on the mention in “SMF”, well deserved I’d say.

    Still prefer your Ben Grimm “Thing” but I like the Thing better anyway, so I’m very biased!!! (ha ha).

    Do keep up with your blog but rarely get chance to comment (sorry), think this is the first time I’ve turned on the PC for about a week or more.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, oh and hello back (from your comment on Jez’s blog, by the way).

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Great to hear from you, Roger, and you’re always a welcome visitor here. Hope your current projects are coming along well, even though like many others, I miss “Rantings”.

      Incidentally, I have to say I like working with Magic Sculpt far more than with traditional green stuff. It’s easier to work with (for me) and fills gaps just as nicely. Since I’m shit at sculpting, it’s about the same for me in that regard. I used both when I put this model together and I think I’m going full-time Magic Sculpt from now on.

      Drop by again soon!

  2. Kieron Mulholland

    Going green with envy isn’t always a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t make you angry.

    Great work. He’s a big bugger, isn’t he? I feel safer owning him because he’s hefty enough to use as an offensive weapon against any potential burglar. Hulk smash!

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      To quote Dr. Banner, “I’m always angry.” Hence the name.
      Seriously, though, I really love this miniature and I’ve been looking for one of my own for a long time. I’m happy I finally found one. You should also know that your games of 7TV, particularly that one that featured the Masters of the Universe, inspired me to buy all the Quest miniatures before they vanish for good.

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