How AWESOME is this???

A couple of weeks back I was pleasantly surprised to receive a PM on Lead Adventure Forum from Scott Pyle, creator of Super Mission Force. Visitors to this site probably know that I am a huge fan of this game, so I was very happy to find that he wanted to send me a copy of the new second edition in appreciation for my support!

I certainly don’t trumpet my love for SMF in the hopes of getting freebies, but I’m not about to say no to one, either. I’m very grateful for the gift, which arrived today. I chose the coil binding, so the booklet can lay flat if I’m referencing something during play.

Although I didn’t have any problems with the first edition, it looks like Scott has expanded the archetypes, powers and team composition rules quite a bit. The inclusion of a blank hero sheet is a welcome addition, too. I’m sure there are other changes I have yet to discover, and I will be giving it a good look-through this weekend.

As if getting a copy for free wasn’t cool enough, there’s also this:

Another surprise! I am happy that I could contribute in any way.

Once again, a heartfelt thanks to Scott Pyle both for his generosity and for creating one of my favorite games of all time. I can’t wait to try out the new edition!

2 thoughts on “How AWESOME is this???

  1. Jeremy Winstanley

    That is pretty cool, Keith. Always nice to get a bit of unexpected recognition – like when i spotted my name in the ‘With Thanks Too’ section of the credits for the AD&D 2E Domains of Dread hardback. With the limited contact I’ve had with him Scott appears to be a very nice chap, so not totally unexpected that he would fo something like this.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Scott is a cool cat for sure, Jeremy, but believe me when I say it was unexpected. I have to say I totally geeked out when I saw my nom du Internet in the acknowledgements. That was very cool.
      Also, I really like the changes made to the 2nd edition. Although nothing was broken in the first edition, the changes just streamline things and make them a bit smoother overall. I can’t wait to try it out.

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