2021 Resolutions

Today, I thought I’d try to get things back to whatever passes for normal around here.

Usually I would do a post like Mark A. Morin and many others did; where I first rate my performance against last year’s resolutions before making new ones. I did that last year, but when I went back and looked, it doesn’t seem like I actually made any resolutions for 2020. I think I forgot to; but somewhere along the way, I must have silently resolved to finish all my Star Trek miniatures, because that was one thing I did manage to do!

Mostly, anyway. I would have succeeded completely, if it weren’t for that meddling Dave from Wargames Terrain Workshop, who just had to make some awesome Trek-themed computer consoles and bridge chairs which of course I just had to buy. They’re not done yet. Bummer.

Anyway, this year, I’ve decided not to focus on too much. That’s because every year I resolve to start a new project and/or army, and that never gets done. (I’ve been saying I would start my Old West scenery for years now.) I think in 2021 I will keep it manageable and realistic. I’m going to paint whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want…with some minor guidelines. With that in mind, here are my plans for Dead Dick’s Tavern in 2021:

1: More Roleplaying Stuff. The response to my RPG write-ups has been pretty positive, both on and off Dead Dick’s Tavern. I have some Instagram followers who particularly seem to enjoy them. They correspond with me about my blog, but never leave comments here. (You can do that, guys. Really!) Anyway, expect to see more exploits of the USS Adventure, as well as some other games I run. Expect to see something new soon.

2. One character a month. I came to miniature gaming through roleplaying games, specifically Dungeons & Dragons. With this in mind, I’m going to set a fun challenge for myself: each month, I’m going to paint one model based on a classic character class from Dungeons & Dragons. So, I may do a cleric in January, a fighter in February, etc… I’m not going to officially limit myself by assigning classes to months (whatever I feel like painting, I will paint, remember?); but by the end of the year I should have 12 different characters painted. This will give me an excuse to paint some of my Reaper miniatures that have been sitting around for years in their blisters. Watch for the first one soon!

3. Painting challenges. I like them. In May, I’ll be hosting Monster May(hem) again (blame Roger for the name); so get your monsters ready by then if you want to take part. I will most certainly be participating in Forgotten Heroes again in June, because it’s so much fun. (I expect to see Big Wheel, Jeremy.) If Dave hosts the Summer of Scenery again, I’m in; I never would have got my sludge pool done last year if it weren’t for him. I’d also like to do Fem-bruary for the first time this year, after learning of it by listening to the Imperial Rebel Ork podast. I gather it involves painting at least one female miniature in February; I’ll go one better and paint ALL female miniatures in February (I have a lot of them to paint).

4. More After Action Reports. I love playing games, and I love blogging about them. Expect to see more; a pulp game that’s been set up for months (but sadly unplayed as of yet); and likely more Star Trek games down the road (which should please Dave).

Santa brought me this stuff, and I just wanted to share it with you all. First, some 5/64″ wire, perfect for pinning pesky models that don’t want to cooperate. I was running low, and it’s amazing how St. Nick just seemed to know what I needed. Second, some Gorilla Glue gel; a perfect stocking stuffer for any miniatures enthusiast. Lastly: this magnifying visor that has CHANGED MY LIFE.

I’ve been using reading glasses to paint for a few years now, as I can’t seem to see shit anymore. This visor is so much better. First, it has a selection of magnifying lenses you can swap out or flip up, which is quite helpful. Second, it has a two-setting LED light right on the front, which illuminates areas on the miniature like the face, which can be problematic to paint when you can’t see shit. Third, it doesn’t take batteries: it’s rechargeable with a USB port. Last and most important, it’s comfortable. It fits snugly around my head, and doesn’t annoy me. I love this thing. I recently used it to help me assemble some Cruel Seas ships (I hate assembling plastic models).

Although I don’t ask Santa how much she pays for stuff (that would be gauche), I found these on Amazon for $30. (Worth it!)

That’s about it for now. I’m off to choose my first character class for my new challenge!

9 thoughts on “2021 Resolutions

  1. Dave Stone

    Great set of goals Keith, that are perfectly adaptable and doesn’t limit your creativity, but instead encourages it.
    The Season of Scenery challenge or SOS for short will definitely be on again this year. ( name change due to our Southern hemisphere participants are in Winter while were in Summer)
    Some very useful gifts you got, might have to look at those lenses myself.
    As for that pesky Dave, he probably needs a slap ! LOL

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Nah, Dave’s pretty ok. No slap necessary.
      SOS. I like it, and I like your reasoning for changing the name. You sure it wasn’t Roger’s fault? He changed the name of MY challenge…

  2. Dick Garrison

    Interesting post Keith, and some achievable goals for 2021, which is the best way to i think, you’ll only get frustrated if you set silly targets, better to overachieve than under.

    Nice gifts, I’ll have to see how you get on with those lenses, I can still manage with the “Bottle bottom,” glasses I use at the moment, but as we all know it’s just a matter of time!

    Oh and I only rename challenges where there is a glaringly obvious title that has been missed

    Besides Dave didn’t like my suggestion of ” The mid-year scenery building and painting cooperative incentive challenge for wargamers, diorama builders and general model enthusiasts” even though it was much catchier than his name!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Yeah, you got him there, Roger. Yours is much better. Think of the shirts we could make: “I took part in the mid-year scenery building and painting cooperative incentive challenge for wargamers, diorama builders and general model enthusiasts; and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

        1. The Angry Piper Post author

          Bat’leth. 🙂 Thanks! It’s one of several pics the theme will cycle through. I’m not done trying to find a better theme. Just haven’t been able to yet!

  3. Matt

    Good resolutions, Keith. I need to make resolutions too as even though I haven’t painted anything since November I haven’t stopped buying minis.

    I have a visor similar to yours and it’s a godsend. I’ve reached the age where I need two pairs of glasses, but my close-up pair are useless for painting.

    I’m up for Monster Mayhem and more challenges. I might even complete some this year LOL.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      We’ll be happy to have you back for your second year, Matt. And don’t fret; I haven’t stopped painting, and I was doing pretty good at buying less than I was painting…but that all changed in December when I inexplicably bought a bunch of Clan War miniatures. It’s a project I keep telling myself I’ll get to one day, even though it’s the very definition of a labor of love. No one plays that game anymore; especially not anyone near me. I will literally be painting them just to paint them.
      Good enough reason, I guess.

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