Raphinfel, “The Adored”

My “Character of the Month” for March isn’t MY character at all. Raphinfel, “The Adored”, is the creation of Jon, producer and creator of the brilliant Tale of the Manticore podcast, which you should all be listening to. As such, Raphinfel’s story isn’t mine to tell, so apologies in advance for those expecting my customary prose. You can hear it for yourself by checking out Tale of the Manticore: 31 short episodes and counting, all really good.

Unless I’m completely missing the point, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that Raphinfel is a wizard. Not the good kind of wizard. The other kind.

The miniature I used is Lamann, Sorcerer (02807), by Reaper Miniatures, sculpted by James van Shaik; but as I said, Raphinfel is a Wizard (actually called a Magic-User in Basic Dungeons & Dragons), not to be confused with the “official” D&D Sorcerer class, which will get its own “Character of the Month” at some point.

Although I’m pretty happy with how he turned out (and hope Jon is, too), this miniature would be a perfect miniature to display some Object Source Lighting (OSL) techniques as that crystal ball is begging for it. But I suck at that, and I wanted Raphinfel to look good, not sucky. Maybe if I wasn’t on a timetable I would be more inclined to mess around, but to be honest I’m a coward when it comes to risking the work I’ve already put into a model.

I haven’t decided what class will be featured next month yet. In the meantime, Imperial Rebel Ork has put out a call for hobbyists to display their geeky T-Shirts this month. Although I have far too many to display, here are a couple I’m proud of.

I bought this at Gen-Con in 2012, and to be honest I forgot I had it. It recently resurfaced from the depths of my dresser. While I was disappointed by Cloverfield, I have never been disappointed by my old furry pal, Grover. (He’s the Monster at the End of this Book, after all.)

Next, This T-shirt just arrived yesterday, all the way from Ireland, which is why it’s so wrinkled from the long trip over the water. It should come as no surprise to any who regularly visit this site that I would be powerless to resist the Vitruvian Dwarf, made by Quertee, purveyor of limited edition T-shirt designs. I am trying desperately not to give in and buy their “Surf Arrakis” and “Let’s Summon Demons” shirts. I’m managing.

So far.

Anyway, this fulfills my Character of the Month resolution with weeks to spare, unlike last month. New post soon!

10 thoughts on “Raphinfel, “The Adored”

  1. Matt

    Lovely work on this guy, Keith. The skin tone and eyes in particular are really good, and the colours you’ve used for his cloak look great. I agree with your stance on OSL — I think it looks great but I’m not about to risk buggering up a painted mini to give it a go. The crystal looks good as it is.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Matt. I actually sought this miniature out when I decided to make Raphinfel my Wizard character of the month (searched Reaper for “bald wizard”). Being the mysterious guy he is, Raphinfel isn’t described beyond a few details (like baldness); so I took some liberties with his wardrobe colors and such. I chose dark because, as Jeremy would say, he’s EEEVIL.

  2. Dick Garrison

    Nice work on the Wizard (sorry magic user), Keith, I too am not inclined to give this fancy OSL lighting or what ever its called a go, I’m a “meat and two veggies” painter.

    Love the “T”s Groverfield is my fav that made me laugh, I too was disappointed with Cloverfield, but liked 10 Cloverfield Lane a lot! Lets not mention the third instalment that was on netflix which was total s***.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Much appreciated, Roger! I have dozens of T shirts (I really should grow up and buy some adult clothes sometime), so maybe by month’s end I’ll show off a couple more. I recently went on a T shirt-buying binge on a whim. I bought my five friends who make up my gaming group a novelty T each, just because I felt like it (and because it gave me an excuse to get some myself). Hoping this pandemic is winding down (I doubt it) and we can get back to playing around a table, but at least they can look better until then. 🙂

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