A’hunting I will go…to find the Carrion Crow…

It’s been pretty desolate lately over at Carrion Crow’s Buffet, with nary a word from our thick-thewed, swarthy hero for nigh on two months. Of course, the Crow has been known to take extended absences before (he has a house on Barsoom, I hear); but we are living in “challenging and uncertain times” (I swear if I hear that one more time I’m going to kill someone), so I grew concerned. I reached out to my friend to see if all was well.

Contacting the Crow is never easy. Through a series of dead-drops, codes left on dead Cold War-era radio broadcasts, packages carried by unwitting agents and clues left in Internet Alternate Reality Games, I finally succeeded. In short, I wanted to know if he was ok.

He responded, but I got the feeling he was pressed for time, as he only sent this one folded photo of himself showing what he’s been up to over the last two months.

I breathed a sigh of relief. As you can see, he has remarkably smooth legs. He also seems to have everything well-sorted and under control. Business as usual.

9 thoughts on “A’hunting I will go…to find the Carrion Crow…

      1. Matt

        I for one am happy that he’s taking on the danger and excitement and leaving us free to live lives full of pizza, sofas and puppies.

  1. Dick Garrison

    He’s also been growing a beard and growing/dying his hair I see!

    And he’s still hanging out with those “Surf Biker’s” I see, and he told me I couldn’t join because he’d left the gang!!

    He was however last heard of painting one of my figures……so that’s enough to put anyone off for a while!

    Cheers Roger.

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