ZeDecember Week One : Crazy Oscar!

In honor of ZeDecember (courtesy of SamSagace’s blog) , I have painted a new zombie apocalypse survivor: Crazy Oscar!


Oscar wasn’t exactly sane (or hygienic) before the dead started walking around and eating people, but he’s even less so now. The miniature is from Mega Miniatures; however with the recent selloff of that company, I have no idea what company now owns the rights to the mold. I tried to paint him to look as dirty as possible (as a guy named Oscar who lives in garbage should), so I used a lot of black and brown washes over my highlights.

Although you can’t really see it, I also tried a new technique with Oscar: I used MIG productions rust pigments on his axe-head and on the old tire on his base. This dust looks different than a rust-colored paint (my go-to rust paint was GW’s Tin Bitz) , and I like the results.

I posed him with an Armorcast Dumpster and Trash Pile, just because.

3 thoughts on “ZeDecember Week One : Crazy Oscar!

  1. Hybrid Horde

    Ha! Oscar is awesome 🙂 Fitting that someone living outside of society has the tools to survive its downfall. Is that a dog/cat at his feet? A very characterful survivor indeed!

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Hybrid Horde, that is not a cat or dog at Oscar’s feet, although I can see why it looks that way. It’s actually just dirt. The base (which you can’t really see in the picture) is an urban base with an old tire jutting out of the dirt. The tire is actually behind Oscar, but you can see the dirt just fine…hence the odd brown spot at his feet. Thanks for the praise!

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