Games (other) people play

I want to play games. These games, to show but a few:

As you can see, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of new RPG stuff, through both purchases and gifts, during this interminable pandemic. That’s some of it, up there. I acquired it with the intent (always the intent) that I would eventually play and/or run these games; and in some cases, I have managed to do that. But not enough.

The problem is that I listen to too many gaming podcasts. I watch too many YouTube videos. All this new stuff sounds awesome, and I want to try everything. When you add the fact that Modiphius and Free League have acquired the licenses to some of the best licensed properties out there (Star Trek, Alien, Dune, Conan, Blade Runner,) and that their stuff is both gorgeous to look at and fun to play, you can actually watch and see what little willpower I possess fading away. I cannot resist the pull. I wants it, my precious.

It’s a lot of stuff, and it would be nice to use it rather than just look at it. When you pile it all up like that, it’s a bit sobering, because my regular gaming group (the guys I’ve played with for decades) don’t want to play most of these at all. For one reason or another, my group can’t agree on shit lately. It’s fucking aggravating.

One great thing about remote gaming is that it’s remote (duh). I have been fortunate enough to play some short games over the course of this pandemic with some really cool people from different parts of America and Canada that I would likely never have met in person (and probably never will). Some of them play-tested my own Call of Cthulhu project (still working on that, BTW); and some have gamed with me outside of that. I had fun each time, and I’d like to think they did too. They keep inviting me back, so I must be doing something right…

If you check out THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE, you will see my plans for running some classic games over the course of this year. I’m looking for new players, so if you’re interested in playing then let me know. You never know what could come of it!

Finally, if you are running any of the games shown in the picture above and are looking for a player, I’m your man; and I already have the rulebook.

6 thoughts on “Games (other) people play

  1. Dave Stone

    That is a varied and large group of games Keith, some I’ve not even heard of (my knowledge of RPG stuff is limited these days) Will have a proper look through and send you a message mate.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave! There are some familiar properties in there, at least…Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Conan, etc. You’d think they would be an easy sell to people who play rpgs. And they are…just not to the guys I play with.

  2. Dick Garrison

    Best of luck with getting some games in over the year matey. My youngest has a stack of boardgames nearly a metre high in his bedroom, many of which we’ve only ever played once or twice.

    As the old saying goes “Gaming is like sex, we spend a lot more time thinking about it than doing it”.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Don’t get me started on board games, Roger. I went a bit hog wild when we thought the pandemic was waning and I thought I’d be sitting around a table with friends sooner rather than later. I picked up a LOT of board games on deep discount at Amazon and Miniature Market; most with miniatures, of course…

  3. Jeremy Winstanley

    I’ve recently gone through my loft, as I’d realised that whilst I have a fair amount of RPGs (and a stack of gaming mags), they’ve been sitting up there for at least five years untouched. I did get into the hobby via RPGs and do still wish I could play, but I’ve kind of reached the point where forking out £35+ on a new set of rules that I might like seems a bit daft. I AM working on a set of relatively simple RPG rules, which should be usable with ANY scenario, which means I can the use the scenarios I do have. So, I could use the WFRP scenarios and do a grimdark fantasy setting (which I think Zweihander essentially is) or do modern horror using the CoC scenarios. I might need some third party feedback, so if you’re interested, I could send over a copy along with a sample scenario and pre-generated PC’s (probably a 1920’s murder mystery type thing) that you could potentially see of your gaming group would be willing to give it a try.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Welcome back, Jeremy! It is certainly sobering to look at what I have accumulated vs. what I’m actually likely to play; but that’s a familiar feeling to most wargamers. 🙂 I would be happy to take a look at the rules and I’ll run it by some folks to see if I can do a playtest. Between my normal group and some of the folks I’ve met on IG, I should be able to rustle up some players!

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