Cloaked Assassin

A brief interlude from Star Trek for my Character of the Month, and to show off my mad organization skillz, brah!

For Tom’s #paintanadventuringparty challenge over on Instagram, I present my Character of the Month from Ral Partha: The Cloaked Assassin, by sculpted by Bob Charrette, from their Fantasy Adventurers range (03-058).

I’ve had this fellow for thirty years or so; another occupant of my pile of shame that I never got around to painting. He was, however, primed white, so I must have at least intended to paint him at some point. I primed him black over the white before I painted him this time, however.

I’ve never been a big fan of putting assassins in adventuring parties. In my mind, assassins should be either adversaries to the PCs or something else entirely, not a character class. Why would an assassin go on an adventure? They have a pretty limited skill set: they know how to kill people. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to stick to what they’re good at? Garroting someone in an alley seems far safer than kicking down a door in a necromancer’s crypt and fighting his undead minions, doesn’t it?

So, let’s call this guy a thief instead. Or rogue, if you prefer the current nomenclature of D&D 5E.

This was my painting desk up until a couple of months ago. Although you can’t really see them, most of my paints sat on a pair of old spice racks. These cheap plastic racks were not designed for paint (duh), and I often had the annoying chore of picking up paints from the floor, where they had fallen between my desk and the wall after being knocked over or jostled from their precarious perches on the too-narrow racks.

Something needed to be done, so a new rack was constructed from XPS foam. This one measured the entire length of my desk and was designed to fit flush along the wall. The shelves were intentionally made wide enough to accommodate multiple rows of bottles of all different types, from dropper bottles to pop-tops to even the dreaded (and hated) old-style Citadel twist-off paint pots.

Here’s what it looks like now. Although I would have been content to just slap together some pink foam and use it as-is, my better half flatly refused to even consider such a stupid idea and wouldn’t allow it. She painted and wrapped the whole thing in adhesive shelf paper, so now my paint rack looks like it’s made of solid marble.

I love it. No more falling paint pots. Room for all may paints and then some (which just means I will fill the space eventually). Naturally I took photos because I know it will not look like this for long. So far I’ve managed to keep it tidy.

But wait, there’s more! I decided to take this opportunity to organize my gaming closet, too. So, here it is!

Thirty-plus years of roleplaying games on the left side.

Board games and RPG boxed sets in the middle.

More board games, miniatures games and terrain (including a Mighty Fortress!), and collectible card games on the right (last played circa 2004 or so).

Last but not least: the pile of shame; or as I like to call it: the Insanity Pile. Old miniatures, new miniatures, abandoned projects, projects I know I will never get to but won’t say are abandoned, projects I intend to get to one day, and projects I will actually work on. The plastic cases at the bottom hold Owen’s miniatures; the white boxes on the second shelf are mostly Heroclix, and all the shit you can’t see behind what you see here is mostly bitz on sprues and unopened armies and units for 40K and WFB. On the Naya rack is unpainted Plasticville scenery and most of the High Elf Army I’ll never get to. And of course, on the top are all my old-school miniatures, some painted, some not. The plain cardboard boxes hold various projects, including what I have left from last year’s order from Wargames Terrain Workshop!

Gotta say, I like this organization thing a lot. This stuff was all over my basement, and I got tired of hearing about it. I took these pictures to remind me what it’s like to be responsible and put away my toys.

They also make it clear that I really need to get rid of stuff.

Next: back to the Enterprise-D!

7 thoughts on “Cloaked Assassin

  1. Dave Stone

    Excellent work on the rogue Keith, (see I did read the write up ! LOL) and the new paint shelves and organisation looks great, see plenty of scenery there ready for this years Season of Scenery challenge ! LOL

      1. Dave Stone

        No problem mate, I’m looking forward to Monster May(hem) this year too, have to keep hiding some of the models, not to jump the gun as it were ! LOL

        1. The Angry Piper Post author

          Me too! LOL! I keep thinking I need to try to find a way to combine it with the Pop Culture theme…I considered the Rancor from Jabba’s Realm; but I don’t want to paint it “out of order”. I’m trying to do the Imperial Assault stuff as complete sets, and up next is Bespin Gambit!

  2. Matt

    Great painting on the assassin, Keith, he looks like a sneaky little bugger LOL!

    Well done on organising your painting table and making those paint stands. I bought a couple of Amazon own-brand MDF stands and was incredibly happy with them — they were way, way easier to put together than the Vallejo ones, they’re more sturdy and they hold more paint pots. And they’re cheaper!

    I cannot get over the Insanity Pile. I’d always envisioned maybe one storage box of minis when you’ve mentioned it in the past, but holy shit was I wrong! I too am looking forward to Monster May(hem) and I can’t believe it’s only five weeks away. Like Dave, I’ve been saving some monsters for it 🙂

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Matt. Once it was organized, I felt really annoyed. There’s no way I’m getting through one-third of that shit in my lifetime, even if I never buy another model. I need to downsize.

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