Jolly Friar with Dog

For my final submission for Tom’s #paintanadventuringparty challenge on Instagram this year, I only had one character class left: the monk. This old RAFM monk with dog is no longer available anywhere I can find. He’s such a great miniature, I thought he was due for a repaint.

I briefly considered painting him red and green and basing him on snow in honor of the Christmas holiday, but why ruin the utility of such a great sculpt? I decided to keep the colors pretty much the same, but maybe add a little shading and highlighting, techniques unknown to me back in the 80’s when I originally painted him. I kept the dog more or less the same, too.

He has such a great face. I generally don’t bother much with faces beyond the typical trio of flesh-colored paints and a wash, but in this case I added some rose to his cheeks and nose. This fellow look like he enjoys his booze.

Rather atypical of me to have completed a challenge so early in the month, but I’m making up for all the lost time this year.

I love this challenge, whether I call it Character of the Month or Tom calls it #paintanadventuringparty. I think I will continue it into next year. This year I used all old-school miniatures for the challenge, next year I’m thinking I will try something new: no humans! So, every character class will be represented by a demihuman race: elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, maybe even half-orcs and half-elves. Maybe.

No tortles, tieflings, dragonborn, half-giants, tabaxi, aasimar, kenku, warforged or anything else equally stupid, though.

I have standards.

6 thoughts on “Jolly Friar with Dog

  1. Dave Stone

    Wonderful work on both Keith the monk has loads of character from your painting, and the canine has lots of character too.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. He was one of my favorite models from back in the day, very unlike most of the generic fantasy figures of the time. The dog was a nice addition, too!

  2. Matt

    As Dave says, the mini has bags of character and you’ve really brought it out with your painting. The touch of rose gives him a wonderfully jolly look too. Great work on the friar, and the pooch looks superb too!

  3. Dick Garrison

    Lovely work and a pretty spiffy miniature too mate, I have a soft spot for a “Friar Tuck” type hero (though I don’t think I actually own one, strangely). Always love a dog, and you’ve done a bang up job on him too.

    Good to see you are carrying on with this challenge next year, you’ve shown some beautiful old school mini’s this, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. (plenty of Dwarves I hope ).

    Cheers Roger.

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