Forgotten Heroes Redux: The Hypno-Hustler

Last year, one of my submissions for Forgotten Heroes was the Disco Superfly himself, The Hypno-Hustler. He’s been sitting in my display case since last June, and every time I looked at him, I wasn’t happy. Although I think I did a pretty decent job of converting a Booster Gold miniature into the Hustler, two things in particular bothered me: his base and his bass.

I sculpted his bass guitar from green stuff, and like most things I sculpt, it looks mediocre at best. I searched for a suitable guitar bit first, but the best one I could find came from a British company called Zealot miniatures, and it didn’t make sense to buy it just to pay twice as much shipping it to me. Now, though, through my shadowy network of global operatives, I’ve been able to procure one at last! (OK, it was through the kindness of Dave Stone, a shadowy, international man of mystery if ever there was one.)

With that out of the way, I set about fixing the Hustler. The other thing that bothered me was his base. I wasn’t going to put the Hustler on regular ground, so I attempted to make it look like a spotlight on stage. It didn’t really do the trick. So, I added another base and repainted it a simple white, so he looks like he’s on a 1970’s disco round.

Because this base obviously looks like shit, I will remove the Hustler and use spray paint instead to cover up the brush strokes. Then I will re-mount him. I didn’t have time to do this before the end of the month, but rest assured, it will happen. And that’s about it. By giving him a new bass and a new base, I think he’s now done for real, and a fitting end to Forgotten Heroes this year.

10 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes Redux: The Hypno-Hustler

  1. Matt

    That bass is worthy of a Noise Marine! As for the base, could you stick him on a square one and paint it to look like it’s lit up from underneath a la disco floors of the 70s?

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      It is a tad bit too big, Matt…certainly scaled for Noise Marines rather than the Funktastic Disco Inferno that is the Hypno-Hustler. Good idea on the basing; but all my rebased heroclix are on circular bases, and on the off-chance I want to actually USE the Hustler in a game, I would want similar basing all-around.

  2. Dave Stone

    I’m running out of space for all these nicknames I’m acquiring, man of mystery now ! LOL
    For a first go at sculpting a guitar, I think you did a great job, as it’s a tricky piece to sculpt, and with a little practice I’m sure you could do just as well as the bought piece.
    Once you’ve spayed the base, add a little thinned down yellow wash to the front edge of the base, forming a crescent around the front half, this will help to represent it being light, and yellow light doesn’t travel as far as white.

  3. Simon Moore

    I really liked the first version of the Hypno-Hustler. But the addition of the new guitar certainly takes it up a few more notches. Looking forward to seeing the new base finished.

    “Dave Stone, a shadowy, international man of mystery” – now there’s a title within our hobby that should stick!!! LOL!!!

  4. Jeremy

    What happens in Reno, stays in Reno… and the same applies to Barsoom.

    Good work on your revision of the Hypno-Hustler, Keith. The end result should always be what you’re happy with, so if you’re happy, then all is good.

    And I agree with the basing. All my superhero figures are based on 25mm rounds, so I try to keep them all uniform. Makes it easier when playing games with them.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks! It’s been bugging me for a year, and the base is still annoying me, TBH. But at some point I’m gonna need to move on from the Hypno-Hustler.

  5. Dick garrison

    Great addition mate, the I did like your original guitar, the new one is more “orthodox ” in shape shall we say

    Love that fig though look like he just walked off stage with Eatth wind and fire or Kool and the gang!

    Cheers Roger.

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