2024 Resolutions

It’s that time again, when we look back on the past year and look forward towards the next one. Traditionally, it’s the time to review what I’ve accomplished here, and what I plan to do next year.

So, what have I accomplished in 2023? Not much. I’ve painted fewer miniatures this past year than in any year in recent memory. I haven’t played a RPG since March, and have no plans to do so again. My Discord server is a barren, empty wasteland, and don’t get me started on my personal life.

I did write a RPG, run it twice and have two other groups playtest it without my involvement. It seems to be generally well-received, so I should get around to publishing it at some point. That means I need to commission more artwork and learn how to do layout.

So, no big resolutions for 2024, unlike in years past. Rather, I’m going to limit myself a bit. I’m taking inspiration from the many “paint what you’ve got” challenges out there, and I’m planning on doing that all of next year. So, in 2024, I resolve to:

Paint what I’ve got: If I painted one miniature a day for the rest of my life, I would never come close to painting all the unpainted miniatures I have; and as this year’s output can attest, I don’t work anywhere near that fast. So, no new miniature purchases in 2024. Whatever I paint is coming from the pile of shame, and I will not add to it next year.

Read what I’ve got: Although I am an avid (and fast) reader, I have several hundred books I have yet to read, many thousands on my shelves, and I keep buying books as if I’m preparing for a lengthy prison term. In 2024, I’m not buying any new (or used) books. I need to pare down my TBR pile and get rid of the stuff I will never read again. That’s the hardest part. I have a collector’s mentality when it comes to things I love, whether it’s comics, books, miniatures or games (both video and rpgs), and parting is sweet sorrow.(Caveat: I have been on the lookout for certain volumes that regularly sell for stupid prices. If I find one of those at reasonable cost, I’m buying it.)

No new painting challenges: Between Monster May(hem), Forgotten Heroes and the Season of Scenery, I get stretched pretty thin. This past year I also did the “Ogre” challenge in September, where we all painted the same miniature sculpted by friend of the blog Dave Stone; tried (and mostly failed) to paint some Grenadier orcs for Orctober; and hosted Dwarvember last month. I think I’ll limit myself to MM, FH and SoS in 2024, with one exception:

The Year of the Dragon: According to the Chinese zodiac, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, so what better time to paint a dragon miniature? I have several awaiting paint (some for much longer than others). I propose a year-long challenge: paint at least one dragon sometime in 2024, and hey–if you do it in May, you meet the criteria for Year of the Dragon AND Monster May(hem)! Since it’s a 12-month challenge, there’s little in the way of time crunch to consider. I’ll post more about this soon.

Post more often: They say blogging is dead, and I can see why; but I like having a blog, and I like reading the blogs of others. This past year, I posted once in January, twice in March, four times in April, four times in May, four times in June, once in July and August, twice in September, twice in October, three times in November, and (counting this) three times in December. That’s a total of 27 posts, most of them related to painting challenges. That’s really not a lot when you think about it. I enjoyed my deep-dive into Star Frontiers, and my list of my Top-10 RPGs of All Time, and my Crimson Hound parody AARs. I’d like to do more of that kind of thing, considering I’m not painting as often as I used to.

That’s it. A mellow end to 2023. Time to see what I can finish up out of the side pile before the clock strikes midnight on the 1st.

Happy New Year, everyone!

6 thoughts on “2024 Resolutions

  1. Dave Stone

    I have missed you posting as much as previous years, but enjoyed what you have posted. I’m sorry I haven’t manage to time it right for your Discord, but never miss a blog post of yours.
    When you said no challenges, I thought WHAT NO MONSTER MAY(HEM) then realised you were just limiting what ones you took part in, Phew ! LOL Great idea to set yourself a personal challenge for the year, and hope it goes well for you, I’ll see what I can do for your Dragon Challenge, and if I can tie it in with Monster Mayhem as well.
    Hope you have a Great 2024 mate.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. Happy New Year to you, too! I just decided that rather than set some big goals I likely won’t achieve (projects to complete, etc.), I should maybe tone it down a bit in accordance with my hobby habits, which have changed somewhat over the last few years. I appreciate that you keep coming back with words of encouragement, and that you provide so much inspiration on your own blog.
      And no worries, barring catastrophe, Monster May(hem) is here to stay!

  2. Dick Garrison

    First of sorry I haven’t been about much of late, work etc… has really put the squeeze on my time and impetus to be honest, so much so I’m going to make some changes regarding my own blog in the new year. I do try and keep up with the blogs I follow but often can’t be bothered switching on the PC these days and the phone is no good for replying/commenting.

    Same goes for the Discord thing too I’m afraid, I love chatting to you however so really hope we can do it again at some point. As for the challenges, these are another thing I really enjoy taking part in especially the three you mention, will I be taking part this coming year…I hope so, but then I’d hoped to this year so, who knows, sorry to end the year on such a downer comment, I don’t think blogging is dead but it does seem to be going into retirement, or at least taking it a bit easier.

    Anyway all the very best to you and yours for the new year mate, I have one more post to write before the years end, and that’s not even for my own blog!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Real life does have the annoying habit of screwing with our hobby time, Roger. Seems there’s a lot of absences these days…I’d be sending out a search party for Jeremy if I couldn’t see him drinking beer with his son on YouTube with my own eyes. Next year, I’m hoping I’ll be able to focus more by doing less, if that makes any sense. Hence, the moratorium on purchases. both miniature and literary.
      As for Discord, I pop in and out from time to time, so hopefully we’ll reconnect at some point. I enjoy our chats as well!
      Happy New Year, Roger!

  3. snapfit

    Your new year’s resolutions definitely make sense, I should probably also stop buying new miniatures at some point. Currently I’m able to paint about a miniature per month, buy more than that and own a few hundred, so realistically not everything is going to get painted. But the problem is that there are so many great new releases all the time, haha 😀

    I really enjoyed taking part in your challenges, without those challenges I would probably paint even less, since I kind of need a deadline to get something finished.
    Glad to hear that Monster May(hem) will be returning and I’ll join in on Year of the Dragon as well if you’ll accept wyverns too.

    Happy new year to you, too!

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