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Don’t ask me why I did this. For those who don’t know, Alpha Flight is the first all-Canadian superhero team, created by John Byrne (a ┬áCanadian) in 1979. Byrne is legendary for his artwork on X-Men and Superman, among too many other credits to name.

Alpha Flight made their debut in X-Men #120, and soon had their own book. The thing is, Alpha Flight kinda sucks. I mean, to call them second-raters is an understatement. To call them third-stringers is still a kindness.

Still, I thought I’d have some fun and repaint and rebase some Heroclix for Supersystem. So here they are.



Starting in the back, R-L: Snowbird, Guardian, Aurora, Northstar. Front row, L-R: Marinna, Sasquatch, Puck and Shaman.

Despite being a ┬áreally lame team (and that’s being kind), most of the Clix sculpts are pretty good. To me, Shaman, Snowbird and Puck really stand out. Shaman required the least in the way of repainting; he actually had a pretty good paint job right out of the box. The others, however, required a bit more effort to make them look good.

Now I have to find something for them to fight.


Expect a new SS3 After Action Report featuring Alpha Flight soon!!!


2 thoughts on “Alpha Flight

  1. obsidian3d

    Nice work, you’re farther along on your team than mine. I too have created statistics for most of the characters in SS3. I found Shaman to be the most difficult to do.

    For Snowbird, I gave her shape change and a few different profiles, one being a Wendigo, another a polar bear and the last one being an owl.

  2. The Angry Piper Post author

    Thanks for the comment!

    For Shaman, I gave him an Omni-Power Pool at 20, with one full slot. Seems appropriate, considering he can only pull one thing out of the pouch at a time. I also gave him Flight (even though he only kinda levitates in the comics).

    He came out to an 85 point build.

    Email me at if you want to exchange Alpha Flight SS3 stats. We might be able to help each other out!

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