About Me

I’m The Angry Piper. You can call me Piper, or, if we’re friends, you can call me by my real name. I used to be much angrier than I am now, as I seem to have mellowed somewhat with age and whisky. That’s not an actual picture of me (it looks nothing like me, in fact); but it’s a dwarf bagpiper; two of the coolest things in the world, in my opinion.

This is Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging, a place where I relax, muse about my hobby, occasionally vent about things that irk me and often post pictures about my hobby projects or games that I play. In other words, Dead Dick’s Tavern is kind of like Mr. Brady’s den, if I was Mr. Brady. The den, you may recall, is where Mr. Brady went to get a minute’s peace from his weird maid, his harridan wife and his six insufferable brats. (Due to broadcast standards and practices of the time, the network couldn’t show Mr. Brady in his den, funneling pitchers of martinis down his gullet to escape the hell that was his life. Rest assured, he was.) I do not have a weird maid, a harridan wife and/or six insufferable brats. But I sure like my space. (And my martinis, too.)

What’s my hobby, you ask? I’m a gamer. Roleplaying games, tabletop wargames, board games, video games— I do it all. You’ll find posts about rpgs and miniature wargames on this site; but mostly miniature painting. I’ve been doing that since I was in 6th grade, and I’m considerably older than that now.