2022 GAMING!!!!

This year, I plan on running a bunch of roleplaying games, and I’m inviting you (yes, YOU) to take part! (Unless, of course, you’re an asshole. If you’re an asshole, then no, you can’t play.) Games will be probably be played over Roll20.net (game mechanics) and Discord (video and audio). If you are unfamiliar with either of these two platforms, don’t fret. They’re not hard to learn, and we can work through any issues that may crop up. I’ve played many games with these two platforms during the pandemic. They work; but they may be a bit quirky at times, as they are wi-fi dependent. (It’s ok. We can do this.)

Most of these games are throwbacks from the classic era of RPGs; so they may seem a bit simplistic by today’s standards. If you’re looking for deep character development and/or a long campaign, keep on truckin’; If you’re looking for mindless, one-shot fun, stop here! (And for you youngsters, if you want to see what RPGs were “back in the day”, come check one out!)

Please note: I live in the Eastern United States, which is the EST time zone. I don’t care where you live, but you need to keep that in mind as to when the games will be played. For example, California is 4 hours behind me, England is 5 hours ahead of me and Australia is 16!! So, if I start a four hour session on Sunday at noon my time, someone in California will start at 8 am; England at 5 pm, and most of Australia will be at 4 am on Monday!

Assuming I have enough interest, I will schedule a date, and relevant information about the game (i.e. pregenerated characters, content warnings, etc.; although this stuff is pretty tame) will be posted on Roll20. Most of these games will be one-offs; that is, one 3-5 hour session will be the entire game. (One in particular may go for two sessions.) At this time, I have no idea when during the year I will run each game; but I will run them all in 2022 (assuming I have enough players). I will post whether or not games are still open or closed here, on this very page. So, if you’re interested, sign up early!

These are the games I would like to run this year:

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Module B3: Palace of the Silver Princess (THE ORIGINAL!!!!!)

Players needed: 4-5

NOTE: This is the game I anticipate will take more than one session (probably two) to complete.

Dungeon Module B3, Palace of the Silver Princess, has a complicated and controversial history, which you can read about here and here, if you didn’t know it already. TLDR: Jean Wells, the only woman working at TSR at the time, wrote this module back in 1980. TSR recalled the few that were distributed, destroyed most of them and all the ones that never made it to distribution; then had Tom Moldvay rewrite the majority of the adventure from scratch. Since then, it’s been nigh-impossible to find a copy of the original module, and even if you could, it would have cost a fortune on the secondary market. But good news! Because of my comprehensive network of shadowy, European operatives (actually, it’s just one very cool guy from France) who tirelessly scour the globe for me in search or rpg rarities (he already had the PDF), I have secured a copy of this module as it was originally written, and I want to run it. See, like lots of people, I own the Moldvay/Wells version (it’s ok), and I’m dying to see what was so bad TSR had to put the kibosh on the whole original project. Rumor has it some Erol Otus artwork was to blame, as it was unflattering to the TSR higher-ups. Whatever the case, it’s pretty much undeniable that Jean Wells, rest her soul, got screwed.

I’m not sure if I will use Basic D&D rules, as intended; or if I will use Lamentations of the Flame Princess (which is basically the same rules system, only better).

Slasher Flick: The Lincoln Point Park Massacre!

Players Needed: 4 (playing two characters each; don’t worry, they’re expendable)

Slasher Flick is a game in which you take the roles of victims in a slasher movie. It’s a tongue-in-cheek homage to the slasher genre, and your characters reflect that. Most likely, you’ll die horribly (and hilariously); but that’s kind of the point. So strip down to your underwear, head into the dark garage to find out what that sound was, and ignore the warnings of the creepy old guy who pumps your gas. This game is a blast, and it’s almost always on sale at DriveThru RPG. I highly recommend it even if you don’t play in my game!

The year is 1989. Lincoln Point Park has been closed for six years, following an unfortunate accident and years of decline. The park was a popular hangout when you were back in school, and everyone has vivid memories of the place. Now, on spring break, someone suggests you all pay a final visit to Lincoln Point Park, which is due to be demolished in a few weeks. This is your last chance to get inside and take a look around— maybe even snag a few souvenirs— before it’s all gone forever.

The Lincoln Point Park Massacre is a Slasher Flick scenario that I wrote myself. I ran it for my friends and I’m looking forward to running it again. Who knows? Maybe there will be a sequel!

Star Frontiers: Sparhawk

Players needed: 4-6

Another TSR classic; Star Frontiers is a sci-fi game of space exploration that someone desperately needs to remake. Until then, we have the original. Well, I have the original, at least. And I want to run it again!

Interstellar salvage is a feast-or-famine business, and you’ve been decidedly hungry lately. Finding valuable stuff in the vastness of space is hard enough; but keeping it is the real challenge. So when you find the score of a lifetime, how hard will you work to keep it? You know what they say about things that seem too good to be true…

Sparhawk is a Star Frontiers scenario I wrote about ten years ago when my friend converted Star Frontiers to GURPS (and it actually worked great). For this go-around, we’ll be using the original TSR percentile system (flawed though it may be).

Marvel Super Heroes

Players Needed: 4-5 (I know I already have one for sure)

NOTE: We will be using the Advanced Rules (because they are MORE HEROIC!!!!), not the Basic Set pictured above.

Listen up, True Believers! I absolutely love this game, and I played the hell out of it back in the day. Sure, the system isn’t great, but who cares? You get to take the role of a Marvel Super Hero!!! And almost everything ever published for it is available for FREEEEEEEEEEE over at Classic Marvel Forever! Grab it before someone decides it’s not free anymore!

I have no idea what nefarious supervillains will attempt their dastardly schemes yet (Dr. Doom? The Red Skull? Magneto?); or which valiant heroes (The Fantastic Four? The Avengers? The X-Men?) will attempt to thwart them! Whatever happens, it will be nonstop action in the Mighty Marvel Manner! ‘Nuff said!

If you want to read a write-up of my most recent Marvel Super Heroes game (as in, the only one I’ve ever run in the 21st century), it starts here!

Call of Cthulhu 7E: The Auction

Players needed: 4-5

This is a classic Call of Cthulhu scenario, first published in 1983 in The Asylum and Other Tales, about an exclusive auction of occult items and the worst that could happen at such an event. I will be updating it for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, and I will be making significant changes to it. Pretty much the only thing that will be the same is that it will be about an exclusive auction of occult items, so if you’ve ever played this scenario before, don’t let that stop you from joining! I can promise you you won’t recognize a thing.

So there you have it! Five RPGs, only one of which will require a commitment of more than one session! I figure I can fit 6 sessions in around my regular games of 2022. If interested in any of these, contact me at angrypiper@angrypiper.com, and let me know. Chances are if I know you already (especially if we’ve played before), you’re in. If not, we can schedule a time to chat about our respective expectations of the games, and hopefully it’ll work out.

I will update the number of players I need for each scenario on this page, but just because a game is full doesn’t mean it will stay that way, so check back often.

Happy gaming!