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Bruce the Zombie Killer

A while back I picked up this miniature from Neal over at the War Store. It’s “Bruce the Zombie-Killer”, by Shadowforge/Laughing Monk Miniatures out of Australia. Of course, shortly after I bought him, Hasslefree Miniatures came out with another Not-Ash that I like a lot better, but the die was cast. The base is a Malifaux Resurrectionist base from Wyrd miniatures. I added an old GW zombie hand clawing at his legs for effect.

My criticism of the minature is that his face isn’t quite right somehow…his eyes are large and somewhat diagonal.  There are also a lot of flat surfaces on this model, both on his face and his gun. I did the best I could without (hopefully) making him look like he has raccoon eyes, but if I had shaded them any less they would have looked weird. Maybe not my best work, but overall I’m happy with him.

I wrote a special scenario for him using a tweaked version of .45 Adventure (1st edition) and played it a few times with some interesting results. “Night of the Living Evil Dead” may make an appearance in its entirety on this blog before long.