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Happy Halloween

In honor of the coming holiday, I’ve decided to post some spooky-themed fantasy miniatures from my ongoing AD&D 3.5 campaign. My players  ran into most of these guys over the course of the last year. First up is the old good witch/bad witch combo. The players first ran into the nice, pretty witch who was […]

Gangsters and Thugz

Adversaries for my army of Pulp Cops, these gat-men are also from Bob Murch’s Pulp Figures line. Below is Bugs Malarchy’s Mob (PGJ-02), one well-heeled group of hoods. With three Thompsons (who really believes there’s a violin in that case?), these guys mean business! My personal favorite miniature is “Chopper” McCoy all the way on the […]

Gen Con 2012 and Buyer Remorse

This year, I finally went to Gen Con for the first time in my life.  It was a great time. While I was organizing my vast (and ever-increasing) mountain of unpainted lead the other day, I came across my Gen Con 2012 acquisitions. I bought a lot of stuff there. It got me thinking: Gen Con was […]

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