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Gentlemen, Paint Your Monsters!

Monster Month has officially started! Don’t let the title of this post exclude anyone. You don’t need to be a gentleman to participate. Welcome, peasantry of all genders!

I have some ambitious projects I hope to complete by month’s end, including two projects that were started YEARS ago. When all is done, I hope to have finished four monsters in total. I’m also in the middle of painting more Trek miniatures, and don’t want to abandon them, either…we’ll have to see how things turn out.

Below are links to all the hobbyists who have agreed to take part in the Monster Month challenge. Don’t see your name? That’s because you didn’t let me know! Fret not, anyone can jump in anytime. Just leave me a comment or shoot me an email ( with a link to your blog or website and I will include you forthwith!

I’ve prattled on enough. Here there be monsters!


Roger, aka Dick Garrison, from Rantings From Under the Wargames Table

Dave Stone from Wargames Terrain Workshop

Matt from PMPainting

Coyotepunc from Coyotepunc’s Creativity

Ken from Blue Moose Arts

Jeremy, aka Carrion Crow, from Carrion Crow’s Buffet

Harry from War Across the Ages

You can find links to all these blogs (and others) in the sidebar as well.

Happy Painting!

Star Trek Adventures: Shakedown Cruise

These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Adventure. It’s mission: to patrol the Cardassian Neutral Zone and provide support to Outpost 51, a Federation bastion on the fringes of the Alpha Quadrant.

My Star Trek Adventures game kicked off on Sunday with the first session. Sadly, only two of my three regular players were able to attend, but we managed nonetheless.

I decided the first adventure would serve several purposes. First, it would introduce my players to the dramatis personae of my campaign, particularly the personnel of Outpost 51 and the Denali Docking Substation, as well as other captains and vessels using the outpost as a base of operations in the quadrant. Second, it would give the players a familiarity with starship rules, particularly starship combat; which is something we haven’t really done a lot of in previous games.

By Source, Fair use,

With that in mind, I decided to adapt a published adventure from the previous Star Trek game; “Shakedown Cruise”, from the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek TNG RPG. I made some minor changes to make sure it fit snugly into my setting, and so far, so good.

The first thing we needed to do as a group was create a captain for the U.S.S. Adventure. The captain will usually be a NPC, but the role of the captain can be taken by any of the players in any scenes where their primary character is not present. We created Captain Frederick Douglass Boardman, a veteran of Wolf 359 and of the Cardassian Wars of the 2350’s. He’s an experienced military officer with a lot of combat experience, which is why he’s been given command of the new Akira-class vessel, Adventure. We didn’t get too much farther into Captain Boardman’s history and background, other than he was born in the United States of Africa (much like Nyota Uhura and Geordi La Forge) and is a veteran officer (like Picard).

With this detail ironed out, we dove right in to the story.

Outpost 51 is commanded by Captain Tomek, a Vulcan veteran of the Klingon-Federation War of 2256-2257. (Yeah. That was over 100 years ago.) Tomek is a military genius whose treatises on tactics are required study at Starfleet Academy. He’s a Starfleet legend, on par with Zephram Cochrane or James T. Kirk; the difference being he’s still alive in 2369.

The Adventure is one of several vessels that will be using Outpost 51 as a base of operations in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet command hosted a reception for the captains of these ships in the main observation lounge of the station, which allowed the captains and crews of the respective ships to meet and exchange information. Also in attendance were the Klingon ambassador, K’Varg, and Captain Brule, the Klingon captain in charge of the small detachment of Klingon troops stationed at Outpost 51.

Captain Tomek didn’t make an appearance until about an hour into the reception, when he quickly took the podium to extend his greetings and welcome to the new arrivals. Then he requested a meeting with the command staff of the vessels, to take place in one hour. So much for the party.

The captains met with Tomek and he briefed them on the situation in the Alpha Quadrant. He explained that a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant had opened in the Bajoran system, and that, in light of this information, the Cardassians were reconsidering their military withdrawal from Bajor. Only the Federation presence in the quadrant seems to be keeping them at bay, so it is imperative that the Federation-Cardassian treaty be enforced. The Cardassians would like nothing more than an excuse to break the treaty and resume their occupation of Bajor, thereby seizing control of the wormhole, the strategic importance of which can not be overstated.

Tomek made clear that he considers the Maquis, a group of former Federation citizens who lived on worlds ceded to the Cardassian Union as a result of the treaty, to be a terrorist organization. The Maquis often attack Cardassian targets in retaliation for aggressions perpetrated by the Cardassian government on those it considers its subjects. Tomek stated flatly that any captain who holds Maquis sympathies should inform him of the fact so that they may be transferred to other assignments, without fear of repercussion or consequence. Likewise, if any captain is aware of such sympathies among their crew, those crew members should likewise be transferred. Maquis sympathies are, quite simply, incompatible with Starfleet’s mission at Outpost 51.

This was chilling to all the captains seated at the table, as Tomek was essentially calling for a purge, albeit one with no negative consequences other than reassignment for those with Maquis sympathies. Tomek ended the meeting by saying he would meet with captains individually to give them their assignments.

The next day, the Adventure got her assignment: a shakedown cruise to test the capabilities of the new ship. It would be a typical run to New Coriolanus to drop off some supplies to a science outpost there. Along the way, they would test out the sensors and weapons systems.

The Adventure detected some drones hiding in an asteroid field and obliterated them with her phaser arrays (phaser arrays are cool). Then, without warning, a Klingon K’Vort class Bird of Prey, the Vorath, decloaked off their port bow. Captain Brule hailed the Adventure. “Today is a good day to die!” yelled Brule, before firing a warning shot that rocked the Adventure from bow to stern. Then, the Klingon ship cloaked again.

Captain Boardman assessed the situation and noted that unfortunately, he was now dead, so command of the Adventure must now pass to Commander Logan, the first officer. (He was sure to whisper “no torpedoes” in his “dying” breath, indicating that this attack was merely an exercise.)

Commander Logan efficiently took command and blasted the Klingon vessel, blowing away the shields in one shot (I told you phaser arrays are cool). The Klingon vessel hailed them again, grudgingly conceding defeat. Nonetheless, Captain Brule warned them that the adversaries the Adventure would face in the Alpha Quadrant, particularly the Cardassians, would not abide by any “silly rules”.

The Adventure continued on towards New Coriolanus, but detected a strange transmission coming from what was supposed to be a barren, lifeless moon. Attempts to decode the transmission proved futile, but the fact remained that nothing should be there at all, so they decided to investigate.

Scanning the moon from orbit revealed a relatively new structure on the surface: a dome, not more than a few years old. There were a few life signs centered about a kilometer below the dome, under the moon’s surface. There was no response to hails.

Strong ionic interference prevented transporter use, so they took a shuttle down. The moon had no atmosphere, so the crew was forced to use EVA suits to get from the shuttlecraft to the airlock of the dome. Once there, they used a comm panel to communicate with the people below the surface. These people let them in to an industrial elevator that pressurized slowly as it descended. By the time it got to the bottom, about a kilometer below the surface, the crew could remove their EVA suits.

They were met at the elevator by a green-skinned Harelian named Hoddek. Hoddek claimed they were a vionium mining operation. He seemed surprised to see Starfleet officers, but not particularly concerned. Several other miners were lounging about. When asked why Starfleet had no record of this operation, Hoddek blamed the Harelian Mining Authority, who “couldn’t find their backside with both hands, never mind file paperwork on time.” He denied any knowledge of a transmission and showed the crew into his office, where he produced a temporary mining license.

Upon closer inspection, the crew determined that not only was this license expired, it was a forgery. Rather than confront Hoddek about his lies, Commander Logan opted to return to the Adventure to plan her strategy from there.

And that’s where we left off….

Huge Downsizing Sale

In April, 2013, I posted My Pile of Insanity, which detailed how much unpainted lead (and plastic) I had at the time and my plan to dig myself out of it.

I failed miserably to excavate myself and I have only accumulated more stuff since then. Projects I will never begin, let alone finish.  Therefore I need to part with some of this stuff, no matter how painful it may be.

The following stuff is for sale. Buyer to pay shipping. I will, of course, combine shipping on multiple items to ensure the cheapest rate. Prices are indicated below.

With the exception of the Hordes/Warmachine stuff, I want to sell these as lots and I’m not really interested in splitting them up.

Don’t like my prices? Make me a reasonable offer and perhaps I can be moved.

I might consider trades on some of the smaller lots, but my list of trade wants is small and specific (since I’m trying to get rid of stuff, not accumulate more). See the list at the end for what I will consider.

Email me at OR PM me on  The Miniatures Page to make an offer.

First up: I have  a huge American Civil War/Napoleonics lot, roughly 10mm-15mm. I’m asking $100 for all of it, roughly 300 figures including personalities and cannon. For lots more info on that, check out this link. There are tons of  other pictures over there too.


Avalon Hill Stalingrad (1976) $50

Complete, Unpunched. About as good as you’ll find outside of shrinkwrap.


Victory Games James Bond 007 Assault! $50

Still in shrinkwrap, can be used with or without the old James Bond RPG.



Warhammer Fantasy Battle:

High Elf Lot (All unpainted, unassembled) $260.00

Cavalry Patrol Box Set: 1 mounted hero, 1 Ellyrian Reaver Champion, 4 Ellyrian Reavers, 5 Silver Helms, 1 Tiranoc Chariot and 1 Waystone (scenic item).

High Elf Battalion: 8 Silver Helms, 16 Elf Warriors, 16 Archers, 1 Bolt thrower Still in shrinkwrap.

High Elf Warriors Regiment (16 Warriors). Still shrinkwrapped.

High Elf Silver Helms Regiment (8 Silver Helms). Still shrinkwrapped.

The General on Griffon from Isle of Blood (assembled, unpainted. Lance broken but fixable).  (loose) (for some reason I forgot to put him in the picture. If you want a picture let me know.)

Some extra Ellyrian Reavers (I think 2-3)

High Elf Mages blister (1 mounted, on afoot). MIB

Total:  27 + Cavalry, 48 infantry,  1 general on griffon, 2 mages (1 mounted), 2 bolt throwers, 1 Chariot and 1 Waystone.


Lizardmen Lot: $50.00

Warlord Kroq-gar on Carnosaur (still shrinkwrapped)

50 old style skinks with bows (1 painted)

8 Saurus riders on Cold Ones ( assembled, some partially painted).

Saurus sprues to complete the riders


Dreadball (the original) $45

Orc Miniatures primed black and minimally painted, otherwise MIB


It Came From Beyond the Still Lot $60

ICFBTS Rulebook and ICFBTS: Somethin in the Sauce expansion

Blobs Faction (5 unpainted resin blobs)

2 Rusty Rail Stills (unassembled, unpainted and MIB)


Z-Man Games Ninjato $40

Complete, unpunched



Croe’s Cutthroats (6) box set: $35

( NIB, all unassembled, unpainted)

Legion of Everblight Thagrosh: Messiah of Everblight  $30

(NIB, unassembled, unpainted)

Malifaux Lot $45

Collodi the Puppeteer Box set (Old version, Shrinkwrapped)

Ten Thunders Archers (on sprue)

Kirai Ankoku (old style), MIB


Vor: the Maelstrom Boxed Set  $45.00

(all scenery and miniatures unpainted/unassembled, includes an extra Growler Bull)



Gutshot  $15

A Fistful of Kung Fu $12

TSR’s Battlesystem 2nd Edition $10


Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader RPG $35

Near Mint. Retail $60

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Companion Rules (OOP) :$30


GDW Twilight: 2000 original boxed set + extra. $20

Box has some wear, but all books are NM and present. Also includes US Army Vehicle Guide book (not NM)




Knight Models Batman Miniatures Lot $20

Frank Miller Batman (Dark Knight Returns) (MIB)

Joker (Heath Ledger version) (MIB)

Do You Worship Cthulhu? $8

Card Game NIB



Rackham Confrontation Lot $15

Chaplain of the Temple MIB

Velrys the Impure MIB

Limited Edition Baba Yagob MIB


Anima Tactics

Alessa  Raincross MIB $5 (Not Pictured)

Rattrap Productions Fantastic Worlds

The Pit Beast MIB $8

WFB Empire:

Valten: Loose, unpainted. $3

Warhammer 40K

30th anniversary Rogue Trader marine: (broken banner pole, unpainted, resin  $3

Bronze Age/Tin Man Mars Miniatures Lot $18

BA Wasteland Mutants 3 and 12, MIB

Tin Man “Incubator” terrain piece


Northstar Ronin $25

(9 figures, unassembled, unpainted without box)


Old Glory Pirates $25

(14 Miniatures, 13 unpainted, one primed black and partially painted). From the Old Glory Army set.



40K OOP Mordian Iron Guardsmen. I do not want heavy or special weapons. Just Guardsmen with lasguns.

OOP Sentinels (the old style) Like THIS

The long OOP Thunderbolt Mountain “Death’s Door” diorama, by Tom Meier.

Certain Imperial Assault or X-Wing miniatures

I’m also looking to replace some long OOP Middle Earth: The Wizards cards from the ICE Collectible Card Game. If anyone has any of those, I have a short list.

Once again, email me at if you’re interested in any of this stuff. Or PM me on The Miniatures Page (The Angry Piper).

Thanks for looking!


More Stuff for Sale

With the recent demise of my AD&D campaign, I have decided to downsize some of my miniatures, especially those that I will no longer have a need for now that the game is over, as well as those “Oooh, shiny!” bits I bought on impulse but will realistically never use.

Shipping will be in the cheapest USPS flat rate box I can fit it in. Of course I will combine shipping on multiple items, but I’m only shipping to the lower 48. Sorry!


First up: a mess o’ GW Lizardmen. 38 skinks, assembled and primed. 8 Saurus riders on cold ones, assembled and in some cases, partially painted (not by me). A Terradon rider, New in Blister, and Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur, New in Box, still shrink-wrapped. Plus, I’m throwing in a Saurian Idol from Hydra miniatures, just because I’ll now never use it and it’s a cool terrain piece, as well as a ton of lizardmen/skink bitz.. Buying this stuff new from GW would cost over $175, not including a bunch of skinks and the Saurian Idol. Of course, I’m not GW, so I’ll take $100 for everything, plus shipping.



Fourth: A Hordes Legion of Everblight Thragosh the Messiah, New in Box. Retails for $45, I’ll take $30 plus shipping.


Fifth: Some Malifaux odds and ends: Kirai Ankoku, New in Blister, and a full sprue with cards of Ten Thunders Archers. I bought these guys at Gen Con a couple of years ago, and I threw out the box so it would fit in my carry-on. But everything is there. About $40 retail for both, I’ll take $20 plus shipping.


Last: a Rogue Trader commemorative marine, in Finecast. It’s missing the banner pole. Came to me in a trade, and I don’t want it. $10 plus shipping and it’s yours.

Email me at or PM me on The Miniatures Page if interested.

I’ll also entertain trades for the following:

GW Mordian Iron Guard troopers. No special or heavy weapons, just guardsmen.

28mm Old West miniatures: Blue Moon, Foundry, Copplestone, Brigade Games.

I’d like a few more of those Dwarf Wall Obstacles that came in Battle for Skull Pass, if anyone’s got them.

If offering cash money, you should be aware that I only take Paypal.

Thanks for looking!