Forgotten Heroes 2024: Grendel

Grendel, created by Matt Wagner, is a complicated character with a rich comic history. Rumor has it they recently filmed most of a Netflix series only to pull the plug last minute (which is a dick move).

There have been many people to assume the mantle of Grendel, starting with billionaire author-turned-bored-guy-turned-assassin-turned-criminal-kingpin Hunter Rose. Rose is unquestionably not a hero. He’s more of a sociopath who does things for no apparent reason–like take over the criminal underworld or adopt a child–simply because he can. He’s able to use much more of his mental capacity than most normal humans, and he’s an extremely skilled combatant and acrobat whose favored weapon is a two-tined fork of his own design.

To make the Hunter Rose version of Grendel, I was at a bit of a loss, as Rose is pretty lightly-built, and most superheroes are jacked. Since I knew I couldn’t very well sculpt one from scratch, I chose this version of Daredevil, mainly for the pose but also because I thought I could work with it best. I rebased him first, then covered the DD on the chest and his lips with some Vallejo White Stone landscape paste, filed down the horns, clipped off the billy-club holster, and completely repositioned his arm. I tried to make his clothes look more loose-fitting with some green stuff. I made the fork from plasticard (once again, my old health insurance card) and the handle of a Mantic dwarf warhammer. Then I painted him up.

Here he is. Like I said, he’s a lot beefier than Hunter Rose, but he’s unmistakably Grendel.

You can still see the DD on the chest if you look hard enough, but otherwise, I’m ok with him.

I added the head-ties too. Forgot about that.

I have one more submission for Forgotten Heroes planned, but no idea whether I will get to it in time or not. I’m definitely doing it, though; even if it has to come in early July. With six days to go, I should be ok.

6 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes 2024: Grendel

  1. Dave Stone

    Fantastic work Keith, another character I’d not heard of, as when I read Grendel I instantly thought of the creature from Beowulf. Your greenstuff work gets better every time you do it, and that’s the biggest part, practice. Hope you can get your last entry completed in time.

  2. Jeremy

    Another cool conversion and another character that I have heard of, even if I’ve never read an issue.

    I used to enjoy my weekly visits to my local comic shop, with the variety of covers lined up on show. Or browsing through the back issue bins. A recent visit to Forbidden Planet store showed me how much has changed. Vinyl figurines, Harry Potter merchandise, overpriced plastic crap… with a couple of racks of comics, the civers of which did not entice me to buy. Sad really.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Jeremy. The Grendel comics jump around a lot in time and place, although Wagner keeps returning to write tales of the original Hunter Rose Grendel. I’ve found the actual comics are receiving less and less shelf space, pushed out in favor of other merchandise (like those awful Funko Pop figures). And the price of monthly comic issues is quite high nowadays. Most folks who aren’t collectors just wait for the collected trade editions.

  3. Dick Garrison

    Nice work mate, again not a character I’d heard of myself but then my comic book knowledge is as extensive as my obscure toy knowledge apparently!

    You do seem to like your heroes leaning more towards the “vigilante” side of the spectrum mate.
    Your greenstuffing keeps getting better too, practice that’s all it is mate. top work too on his “fork” I like that!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Roger. I don’t think green stuff is something I’ll ever master, but whatever I’ve learned in the last few years of Forgotten Heroes I owe to you and Dave!

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