About Me

I’m The Angry Piper. You can call me Piper, or, if we’re friends, you can call me by my real name. I used to be much angrier than I am now, as I seem to have mellowed somewhat with age and whisky. That’s not an actual picture of me, but it is a good representation as it’s a dwarf playing the bagpipes, two of the coolest things in the world, in my opinion.

This is Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging, a place where I relax, muse about my hobby, occasionally vent about things that irk me and often post pictures about my hobby projects or games that I play, purely for my own self-aggrandizement. In other words, Dead Dick’s Tavern is kind of like Mr. Brady’s den, as the den, you may recall, is where Mr. Brady went to get a minute’s peace from his weird maid, his harridan wife and his six insufferable brats.

I do not have any of those things. But I still like my space.

What’s my hobby, you ask? I’m a gamer. Roleplaying games, tabletop wargames, board games, video games— I do it all. You won’t find much about anything but miniature wargames on this site, though. That and the painting of said miniatures. I’ve been doing that since I was in 6th grade, and I’m considerably older than that now.