WizarDecember Week Two

Back for its second week is WizarDecember! We’re a little light on submissions this week, but I’ll be taking any new ones all throughout the weekend.

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First up is TMP’s 144artist with this awesome Hasslefree witch, complete with a base by MicroArts Studio. 144artist plans on using her in a classic Dungeon Crawl. Great job! Very impressive shading on the abdomen!

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I guess I should have specified it was NSFW, but if your work really gives you a hard time about this, you need a new job. Thanks for participating again, 144artist!

Wizardcember week 2

TMP’s CBPill submitted this odd-looking fellow from Reaper. In his words, he’s “some kind of Alien Cosmic Wizard, probably evil.” I like this miniature and I’ve never seen it before today, so I looked him up on the site to see if he’s part of a series. Sadly, I think he’s the only one of his kind so far. Reaper has him listed as the “Andromedan Vizier”, so maybe some more are on the way. I love the palette you chose for him. Bright colors on an evil guy aren’t the norm…but then again, he’s alien, right? Thanks CBPill!

My submissions for this week are a bit eclectic.

First up is this holdover from Dwarvember, a Reaper female dwarf wizard. One more reason I love dwarfs: even the wizards have hammers! For some reason I can’t explain, this miniature looks much better than the picture shows. I’m happy with the miniature, but not so much with the pictures. Hmm.

My second and third (!) submissions for this week are two versions of a classic Marvel hero: Dr. Strange!

By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth! It’s a Heroclix repaint! The miniature on the left shows more or less how he looked when painted by underpaid Chinese factory workers. On the right is my repaint. I also rebased him on an old RAFM base of skulls from one of their weird death angel miniatures. I think the flight stand kinda takes away from the miniature a little, but it’s the best way to hold him “aloft”.

This last one is an old TSR Marvel Superheroes version of the Doc. Looks like he’s in the midst of firing off his legendary eldritch bolts of bedevilment! Either that or he’s walking like an Egyptian. You decide. While painting this miniature, I was reminded how bad the sculpts on the TSR miniatures were. Also, I’m no metallurgist, but these miniatures never seemed to hold paint very well, even after priming. Perhaps something in the composition of the metal itself?

Week Three on the 19th! Happy Painting!

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    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks! I’ve found clix are easy to repaint. I don’t bother stripping them, I just paint right over the existing job and rebase onto something appropriate (since I don’t play Heroclix).

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