WizarDecember Week One

WizarDecember officially gets underway this weekend with some impressive submissions! And here they are!

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)

First up is TMP’s 144artist with this Reaper Pathfinder gnome summoner! I really like the “iconic” Pathfinder series of miniatures, and with 144artist’s paint job, it’s not hard to see why. Thanks for the submission!


TMP’s Skrapwelder sent in this Reaper wood elf mage. Awesome work. I’ve always found yellow to be a tough color to work with, especially shading it well. I also really love the face in this miniature: perfect shadowing! Thanks, Skrapwelder!

wizardcember space wizard 1wizardcember space wizard 2

Just under the wire, TMP’s CBPill submitted this interesting fellow. CBPill explains: “This is a figure from the Colony87 Kickstarter. He’s supposed to be a space merchant, but he really looks kind of wizardly to me, so that’s how I painted him and put the green magic swirl in his left hand.”

Works for me! I also like him as a space merchant!


Punkrabbitt returns returns for WizarDecember as well with this GW goblin shaman from Battle for Skull Pass. Punkrabbitt says it’s for yet another Frostgrave warband. I’ve managed to resist the pull of Frostgrave so far, but it’s getting harder everyday with all the great reviews, and miniatures like this just highlight the possibilities… Thanks, Punkrabbitt!

Lastly this week is my submission: this Reaper “death priest”. I posed him with some skeletons from Mississinewa Miniatures (sadly gone, now) and some Armorcast mausoleums, just for effect.

That about does it for this week!  See you on the 12th, and Happy Painting!