WizarDecember is here!

Flush with the heady wine of Dwarvember success, I have decided to host yet another painting challenge for December. As the title of this post implies, it will be wizards that are the focus of this month’s challenge.

Once again, the “rules”:

Pics/links will be posted here every Saturday in December, starting on the 5th. ┬áThe other dates will be the 12th, 19th and 26th. I’m pretty lenient on the submission times. Just get it to me by the end of the weekend to be included in that week’s post. And no fair submitting miniatures painted prior to December!

Wizard miniatures may be from any company, and any scale, and any genre! So if you want to paint a traditional spell-slinging mage, go for it. Or if you want to break out the Cthulhu priests or Shadowrun shamans, that’s perfectly acceptable as well. Clerics, druids, necromancers…we don’t discriminate here!

Send your pictures or a link to your blog to angrypiper@angrypiper.com. I will post my own wizards here, as well as any pictures I receive. I will link to your picture if you wish to host it on your own blog. And I’ll put a link to your blog on the sidebar for good measure.

First post is on the 5th! Happy painting!