A Handful of Heroclix Repaints

I’m always repainting clix in between my other projects, since I know eventually I will use them for Supersystem 3. ┬áHere are a few I’ve done recently.

First up, Daredevil and Elektra. This Elektra model is from the first Infinity Challenge set, and TBH I like it the best out of all the Elektra sculpts that have come since. While painting her costume I was once again struck by how ridiculous it is. It would take her an hour just to wrap those stupid scarves and sashes around her arms and legs, but hey…I guess it looks cool.

The Daredevil figure is also my favorite clix version of him. These miniatures were very easy to repaint…I just added shading and highlighting to what was already on the miniature. Red is an easy color to work with. I think Daredevil took me about a half hour. Elektra took longer (stupid costume).

Some loser villains, L-R: The Grey Gargoyle, Blastaar, the Wizard, and Batroc “zee Leepair”! I’ll need the first three soon for SS3 games, but I couldn’t resist repainting Batroc just for laughs. He may be one of the most ridiculous villains ever, which is perfect for a fun game of SS3. Apparently, a stray brush strand adhered to Grey Gargoyle and I only just noticed it while messing with the picture. Let’s hear it for hi-res cameras! This assortment of miniatures is a good example of how I repaint batches of miniatures with similar color schemes all at once, even if I won’t be using them anytime soon.

Lastly, a repaint of The Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android! Definitely crying out to be used in a series of linked scenarios. I’ll get on that soon…

3 thoughts on “A Handful of Heroclix Repaints

  1. Dick Garrison

    Really nice repaints piper, I’m afraid I’ve never been that bigger fan of Daredevil (don’t know why, he just never grabbed my interest). Simon Moore painted that “Awesome Andy” a while back, but being a child of the seventies I always remember his head being just a plain block, so I’d have to fill and sand him myself.

    I really like that Blastaar figure (though hated the character!), I repainted one of those last year (in new colours and with a new back story).

    Cheers Roger. (P.S. yes Electra’ cozzie is stupid, but she still looks hot!)

      1. Dick Garrison

        Yes, well tried, couldn’t get into it, or Jessica Jones or Luke Cage (even though I loved him in the comics, though he should still be wearing his skin tight black pants, open yellow shirt, and gold head band for me).

        Strange as I like agents of shield, that is almost universally panned by everyone else!

        Cheers Roger

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