Behold Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest by Mantic Games. It’s a fairly well-reviewed dungeon crawler board game in the vein of Fantasy Flight’s Descent. Like Descent, it comes with a bunch of plastic miniatures that you can paint, or not, as is your wont. I’ve owned the game for a while now, but I’ve never played it; much like Imperial Assault, I wanted to paint all the miniatures before actually playing the game.

Unlike my experience with Imperial Assault, I want to paint the game miniatures in less than two years and play it more than a few times.

A couple of months back, in the midst of Forgotten Heroes, Dick Garrison, Blax the Kleric and I donned our dark robes, intoned our mysterious chants, invoked names any sane person would never speak aloud, and made a solemn pact that we would all three try to paint as much of the game as possible during the month of September, or, as Mr. Garrison has aptly dubbed it: Saga’tember.

Saga’tember is nigh! This coming month will be devoted to painting the Dungeon Saga game, with the ultimate goal (one I share with Dick Garrison), of having the whole thing complete by Christmas. That means I’d best get cracking, because I already have a project lined up for October, and I’m seriously considering hosting Dwarvember again this year. (No promises on that, we’ll have to see.)

Did I mention I have some long-lost friends dropping by in September for some Super Mission Force and/or possibly Gaslands? That’s right: I’m actually going to play a game or two with OTHER people for a change. Looking forward to it, but it means I have to do a little work for those games prior to their visit.

Tonight: I prime!


4 thoughts on “Saga’tember!

  1. dick garrison

    Hooray and we’re off! Best of luck Keith I have been beavering away to get the first lot done (I’m counting five Saturdays in September so five posts, still wont get them all done in the month, but I have a plan here). I’m starting with the heroes as they look the worst to do.

    Hopefully I’ll even get a few games of it in before Myles takes it away with him back to the midlands!

    It would be great if you did run Dwarvember this year, myself and Simon usually do something called Mo’vember where you haver to paint one figure a week with some form of facial hair, but taking what I have planned for this year, I could actually do both!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      I could certainly participate in Movember this year, and I would enjoy doing it in a way that doesn’t make ME grow facial hair (I loathe it, and the two or three times I’ve made a concerted effort to grow a beard I’ve only succeeded in making myself unbearably itchy for about two weeks before I mow the whiskers off my face). I can’t commit to a post a week, but I will try my best to get as much done as I can. I’m starting with the skeletons (easy-peasy) while I finish up some other projects in preparation for some gaming later this month. Then onto the zombies, and the ghosts and trolls last. The heroes and villains will be done here and there…I hope to do one of each a week. We’ll see.
      Looking forward to seeing what you and Simon do!

  2. Kieron

    I’m currently looking for this sort of collective project motivation myself. I’ve got Zomtober lined up to sort out my Walking Dead backlog, but I’m trying to drum some friends into something to get at least one other project done.

    Good luck with this. I’ll be really interested to hear about the game itself.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Based on your blog and love of supers, you should contact Carrion Crow about participating in Forgotten Heroes next year. It’s a whole hell of a lot of fun! My October is spoken for already with my own projects, but in the past I’ve hosted Dwarvember (Dwarfs) and WizarDecember (wizards), and taken part in ZeDecember (zombies). The collective projects are out there and often advertised on the various miniatures forums. Also, you could always start your own….:)

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