“Who you callin’ a dummy?”

As Movember draws to a close, I have officially painted all of my pulp miniatures! For this last installment, I present some ventriloquists!

Technically, only ONE of these is a pulp miniature…yet when painting him, I was surprised to find that I had two more ventriloquists in 28mm! It’s an odd genre of miniature to own, after all. How many ventriloquist miniatures do YOU own? I’m betting not three.

First, straight from his tour performing for the crown heads of Europe, The Great Adamski! This miniature comes from Black Army Productions, a small company that makes some interesting miniatures. This guy came with a couple of hand options; he could have either had a second puppet or a gun behind his back. (I went all in on the dummies.) Adamski also satisfies my Movember requirement: check out that handlebar mustache! His Cossack dummy (the one behind his back) is sporting some impressive lipwear as well.

Next, a zombie ventriloquist from Horrorclix, because why not? I repainted him because as expected, the factory clix paint job was somewhat…sub-par.

Lastly, a relatively new-ish Batman villain, THE Ventriloquist (and Scarface). This miniature was repainted completely, but I forgot to take a “before” picture.

The Ventriloquist (and Scarface) is pretty dumb, even for Batman’s rogue’s gallery. The Ventriloquist himself is a mild-mannered milquetoast; it’s Scarface, the dummy, who is the real ruthless bad guy. From the DC wiki:

I find him annoying because Scarface can’t pronounce the letter “B” (on account of the Ventriloquist not moving his lips), so he substitutes a “G” sound. This gets old pretty fast, especially when you’re reading speech balloons. “Let’s rog the gank, boys! And watch out for the Gatman!” Ugh.
Anyway, that wraps up Movember…I’m still mulling over a project for December. Watch this space!

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2 thoughts on ““Who you callin’ a dummy?”

  1. dick garrison

    Really nice work on all three (and the last lot, sorry missed that post), Keith. Nice Mo’vember entry too sorry it’s been a bit subdued this year, other distractions have pulled at my time). I think the last figure is my favourite though, I remember him from “The Batman” cartoon, and really liked the character, your rendition of him is superb!!

    Great work all round, just got to get mine finished now!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Roger. My favorite is actually my “official” Movember submission, the Great Adamski. He’s one of those miniatures I bought without any clear idea as to why or what I would use him for. (Sadly, I have too many miniatures like that.) Regarding the Ventriloquist from Batman: I’m more of a fan of the character on the cartoon than I am in the comics, mainly because when I watch, I don’t have to read his mispronounced (and consequently misspelled) words. Still, I wouldn’t really call myself a fan at all. 🙂 I like the way he came out, but I was reminded how Heroclix models are all over the place in terms of scale. I don’t remember any mention of the Ventriloquist being particularly tall, but this miniature is at least 32mm, making him taller (and in some cases beefier) than some of the Batman clix models I have.

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