Classic Dragon Lords Dwarfs

In keeping with my 2019 Resolutions, I recently painted more old school miniatures! This time, it’s a classic Grenadier Dragon Lords boxed set: Dwarves of the Gold Mountain.

As anyone even casually familiar with me or this blog knows, I have a disturbing obsession with all things dwarfish. These stocky fellows were sculpted by Nick Lund, venerable artisan and famed sculptor of Dwarvenkind. Mr. Lund is my second favorite sculpteur des nains (Bob Olley is number one, IMO), so I was happy to finally paint up this set.

These fellows have uninspired names, i.e. “dwarf with spear, dwarf with warhammer”, etc. Unfortunately for me, my “dwarf with mace” is an annoying miscast, so without him, this is only a 9 dwarf set. Bummer.

These Dragon Lords sets came out during the later Grenadier heyday, so they’re not quite as old as the “Gold Line” boxes I love so much. I think one of those is next in my “old-school” painting queue. I just need to decide which one…

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2 thoughts on “Classic Dragon Lords Dwarfs

  1. Jeremy Winstanley

    Ah, more old-school Grenadier goodness. Always was a fan of the Grenadier sculpts and must really get around to rebasing and repainting some of my Call of Cthulhu beasties from this manufacturer – although I think they may be encased in seriously tough gloss varnish, so might have to soak for a bit before I can actually do this. Nice work, Keith.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Jeremy. I’m enjoying revisiting these old classics quite a bit. This particular set was a somewhat recent acquisition, not something I had laying about coated in Testors enamel, thankfully. It made the painting process a bit easier than some of my older miniatures.

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