Lower Decks: TNG

My latest Modiphius Star Trek set is one of my favorites: The Next Generation Away Team. Like the Original Series Landing Party, you get a pair (one male and one female) of Vulcan, Human, Denobulan, Tellarite and Andorian miniatures, for a total of 10 crewmen you can customize by Division as you see fit. Of course, ten is not evenly divisible by three, so you have to pick which uniform color you want to assign to the extra miniature. Once again, I chose the blue shirts (Science and Medical Division), which is weird, because I distinctly remember telling myself I needed more gold uniforms (Security and Engineering). Not sure how that didn’t happen. Must have been my subconscious at work.

This is a good set. Putting aside my problems with Modiphius in general, the poses are good and the miniatures look great. I have no complaints. These sculpts look a lot better than the TNG bridge crew, which was a real missed opportunity for Modiphius, in my opinion.

My favorite miniature is the male Andorian I’ve painted as a security officer; followed closely by the Human female to the left (I painted her in Command red). My least favorite is the female Tellarite (same as it was in the TOS set), but it’s still a perfectly fine miniature and it’s not like I hate it.

This brings my Star Trek painting almost to a close. I only have 5 more Modiphius Trek miniatures to paint, and they’re all from the “Iconic Villains” set. With the exception of Gul Dukat (my favorite Trek villain), I have no immediate need for any of them (and probably no long-term need, either), so they’re pretty low on my priority list at the moment.

I still hope to get one more submission in for Forgotten Heroes by month’s end, so check back soon!

13 thoughts on “Lower Decks: TNG

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Hopefully, Matt. I have a scenario in mind involving everyone’s favorite transporter-psychotic, Reginald Barclay…I just need to get some adequate scenery for the game! Fuck Covid-19, man!

      1. Matt

        Covid truly is a bloody nightmare. Hopefully you can get something sorted out. Your AARs are always a great read.

  1. Dave Stone

    Excellent work Keith, I do like the variety you get in the box, and your painting of them as elevated the models greatly. look forward to seeing more of your Star Trek posts as they come about

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. I would very much like to play some more Trek games using Fantastic Worlds. It’s just a matter of designing the scenarios around the scenics I have at hand.

  2. Dick Garrison

    Really nice painting there Keith,as you know i’m not a big TNG fan but I do enjoy your AAR’s (more than the series if I’m honest).

    Dave is running a scenery couple of months (July August), which I hope to take part in, but as you say the problem is going to be getting stuff to make it from at the moment, especially as I’m not supposed to go near the shops till the end of July! and I need glue, filler, spray paint, and coffee stirrers!

    As you say bloody virus!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      I’m happy you like them, Roger. To be honest, like Jeremy, I enjoy writing the fiction that accompanies the actual BatReps. It’s a creative outlet that I use too rarely. I’m looking forward to getting back to “free” painting; but I really should make some more terrain and Dave’s challenge may be just what I need. I ahve several pieces that just need to be painted, so I really have no excuse. Can you get the supplies you need from Amazon?

  3. Dick Garrison

    I might be able to get some of them from Amazon, but the filler I use I know they sell in a local Trade paint store, The glue is from a pound store, the spray paint comes from a discount craft store (they wont send this mail order anyway)and the stirrer’s from anywhere I can “lift” them from like Mc’D’s or KFC.

    Bloody Covid 19!

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Yes, this virus is stopping me from making those spaceship tiles I have long wanted, and which I had hoped to use for more Trek gaming. I can’t get them printed up.

      Bloody Covid 19, indeed.

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