While fifteen days between posts is hardly a rarity here at Dead Dick’s Tavern, my almost complete absence from the blogosphere during that time certainly is. So, to all my friends, new and old, whose blogs I regularly offend with my presence and inundate with my witticisms, I humbly beg your pardon.

The fact is that since my last post, I have been consumed with real life apprehension which culminated in the object of my terror: an accreditation survey that was conducted over the past two days via Microsoft Teams, a program that, until 10 days ago, I had never used.

These surveys are never fun. Ever. They are, by definition, audits. And when was the last time anyone had an audit where the auditor didn’t find something you missed?

It has been a stressful two weeks, friends. This past weekend was the worst. I think I slept a total of three hours from Friday-Monday morning. Anyway, it’s over now. I think I did ok. I’ll know for sure in three weeks or so.

So, I need to get back into the swing of things. I’m currently taking a class at the RPG Writer’s Workshop that I am already a week behind in (see above), so I need to make up some time there. But I recall that Dave Stone over at Wargames Terrain Workshop is hosting a terrain challenge this month and next, and although I’m bad at terrain-making, I’m all in on this one. I have way too many scenic pieces awaiting my attention, and this is the kick in the ass I needed. Plus, Dave was kind enough to participate in Monster May(hem), and to provide support and encouragement to all and sundry. Can I do any less?

(Well, I HAVE been doing less, but that’s over now. Promise.)

I have to go figure out what house I’m gonna paint, or whatever else I decide to do. I’ll be back soon!

9 thoughts on “Apologies.

  1. Matt

    Good to have you back, matey. I was seriously getting a bit worried that you’d caught coronavirus. No need to apologise for your absence, the audit sounds like a nightmare.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Yeah, Matt…it wasn’t a lot of fun. But it was definitely preferable to getting Coronavirus. I’m touched by the concern, but believe me when I say I don’t leave my house unless it’s absolutely necessary (like having a remote survey that you need to be in your office for). If I get it, it won’t be from not taking precautions, like these assholes in Utah. How anyone anywhere can call Covid-19 a hoax at this point boggles my mind. When did we get so fucking stupid?

  2. Harry

    Life gets ya sometimes. I got moved to a different shift this week and it has screwed my sleeping up bad. Though I did get more than three hours a night. Didn’t feel like it when that little bastard started squawking at 6am… Looking firward to your entry in the scenery challenge

  3. Dave Stone

    Sorry to hear you have been going through such a tough time Keith, I’m sure like many others can understand your absence due to real life hardships, just glad to hear from you and that your doing better.
    You still have plenty of time on the scenery challenge, and even a console for your Star Trek adventures would count, so no panic, your support is what counts the most

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. Like many, I have about a million projects I could do. The challenge for me is to use this opportunity to make some scenery that will get used relatively quickly…which means, in these pandemic times, some solo gaming in the near future. Star Trek? Perhaps…although I’ve been leaning towards a return to Supers gaming, Old West or perhaps some Pulp…

  4. Dick Garrison

    No worries mate, I hadn’t even noticed you were gone! (that’s a joke by the way) I’ve been checking your blog most days to see if you have posted!

    All tests are bad and I suck at them, so calm yourself down and dont feel obliged to do anything, this is a hobby not a job right!

    Plus Dave is a pretty cool dude, and wont moan either way. Besides the less you do the better the rest of us look .

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Roger. Glad to know I was missed. It’s just been a crazy time here. The virtual survey was about twice as stressful as a normal one (no mean feat), because if I couldn’t show conformance even with the limitations of the software and my lack of experience with it, it would count against me. It would have been far easier to have the survey in person, all things considered.
      Looking forward to coming back with a vengeance.

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