The Slump is Here…

I’ve hit a bit of a painting slump. Actually, it’s a bit more than that. It’s a general hobby slump. I haven’t painted a miniature since I finished up Kratos for Forgotten Heroes. In fact, I’ve barely done anything at all since July 1st.

Partly this was due to real life work anxiety getting in the way of any pleasant diversions I might seek. Now that that is mostly over, though, my painting mojo still has yet to return. A quick turn around some of the blogs I follow shows I am not alone in this; for whatever reason, we all hit a slump every now and again, or as The Dude would say, “strikes and gutters. man…strikes and gutters.”

So what HAVE I been doing? Playing video games, mostly. I recently did a replay of The Last of Us and the DLC, Left Behind; because I don’t know how long I can resist buying the long-awaited sequel, released a couple of months ago. The Last of Us is a true masterpiece; the only video game that I have ever played, finished, and immediately replayed. I did the same thing again recently. It’s an amazing storytelling experience, and it serves very well to get my mind off of shit I don’t enjoy thinking about. My mind naturally goes to these places when I paint; hence the whole no painting thing lately.

I’ve also been making some Starship Corridor tiles, using Heroic Maps Starship Corridors and DM Scotty’s 2.5D method. There’s a pretty great video on it here by The Mighty Gluestick (ironically not by DM Scotty, but whatever). It’s pretty quick work, but I’ve since run out of double-wall cardboard and need to get some. I really don’t want to buy it from a craft store, but I don’t have any heavy-duty boxes lying around.

I still plan on producing something for the Summer of Scenery over at Wargames Terrain Workshop, but it won’t be as much as I would have liked. In other words, no Western town or graveyard; but as you can see, I managed to give the sludge pool a quick basecoat (space marine included for scale)…

…followed by a black wash and some texturing with Stirland Mud. I’ll hit it with some light drybrushing before beginning the weathering process. Hopefully my Vallejo Water Texture will arrive by month’s end and I can complete this thing soon.

In the meantime, I need to find a project that will drag me back to the painting table.

8 thoughts on “The Slump is Here…

  1. Dave Stone

    Sorry to hear real life has impacted a hobby slump, but it can happen to all of us, and hope the real life situation get’s better soon.
    Off to a great start on your scenery piece with such a great choice of base colours.
    Do you have inks ? If so over the water effect paint a layer of clean water, then use drops of ink and let them bleed out, gives a great effect.
    As for something to inspire, I personally would love to see more of your Star Trek projects, I’ve been thinking about a DS9 gaming ( like I need another project ! LOL)

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Dave. Most of the real-life shit is thankfully in the rear-view at this point. I must confess I’m a bit nervous about using the water texture (which arrives today). I don’t want to mess the whole thing up, and I’m worried it won’t dry properly (which has been my experience with other faux-water products).
      DS9 is my favorite Trek series (usually), and I would love to game some…problem is I don’t have any miniatures for the station crew (Modiphius doesn’t make them yet), nor do I have many Cardassians (other than Heroclix).

      1. Dave Stone

        It is a drawback that they haven’t done any models for it, I had a look on their site, and was surprised at how limited the range was for the length of time they’ve had the licence. Hopefully they get onto them soon

        1. The Angry Piper Post author

          I agree. I think most people that play the RPG likely don’t use miniatures. (I don’t use them when I play.) That, plus the ridiculous retail price of the sets probably puts people off. Perhaps the miniatures aren’t selling as well as they would like, so new sets aren’t a priority. At the least, just for fan service if nothing else, they should release the crews from the other shows. Just hope they’re better looking than the TNG bridge crew. Ugh.

  2. Matt

    Good to see you posting again, matey. We all have these slumps; I painted next to nothing back in Oct/Nov 2019, and I didn’t do much in March this year.

    I’ve had the opposite issue to you; recently I’ve been banging out figures but my Warhammer Cottage has been sitting alone and unloved for the best part of four weeks now. I really need to crack on with it. Your swamp is looking good, and the inclusion of the Marine really shows what a chunky bit of scenery it is. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  3. Dick Garrison

    Dude we all hit the wall now and again, I know that more than most, I still don’t know if i’m going to be continuing once lockdown ends next week and I go back to work, part of me thinks I will but I’ll be easing off of the gas pedal quite a bit. My problem at the moment is I have completed a lot of the stuff that was scratching at the back of my mind for months (sometimes years), like my pond, Battlecat, John Carter army, 42mm Dan dare stuff, and even my shed, and now apart from one REALLY big project that may never get done, I’m in a fairly happy place, and don’t really NEED to get anything done, and I’m just painting in a sort of holding pattern at the moment.

    So don’t worry about it, we’ll read whatever you post and still be here when you don’t, it’s a hobby not a job, thats what I keep telling myself.

    Supers is always a good start, bright colours, and paint as few miniatures as you like, might be a way back in?

    Either way stay safe mate and cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Say it ain’t so, Roger…we’ve all been thrilled to have you back. Ease off if you must, but don’t fade away like Johnny Carson did. Or Gene Hackman. Or Sean Connery. You get the idea.
      I am actually playing around with an idea for a supers game…using pulp rules…might be just the thing I need!

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