Kurn Velden, High Priest of Yevona

For my first character of 2021, I created a cleric. The miniature I chose is the War Priest kit from Avatars of War. I picked this miniature for three reasons: one, because he’s awesome; two, because I have had him for at least 8 years; and three, because he was sitting in my side pile, and I didn’t get to him (or anything else in the pile) like I wanted to in December.

Like most Avatars of War miniatures, this kit offers choices when it comes to assembling your hero. I chose two hammers, but I also had the additional options of giving him a holy symbol or a shield. If you have to ask why I would choose two warhammers over these other options, then welcome to Dead Dick’s Tavern, because you’re obviously new here.

While I painted him, I thought up a back story. Here it is:

Yevona is the goddess of purity and virtue, healing and knowledge in the service of good.  Yevona’s clergy are many, and are primarily clerics, although many monasteries and knightly orders serve the goddess as well. Priests, mendicants, friars, and healers revere Yevona, as do all good-aligned beings. Several orders of paladins and warrior-priests protect her Faithful and bring her light where it is needed most (and often welcomed least).

Kurn Velden is one of the goddess’s most devout and zealous faithful, raised as a foundling by the Sisterhood of Chadirra; a female monastic order devoted to healing and wisdom. Although the order is peaceful and pacifistic, there have been times in the Sisterhood’s past when they came under threat. As a result, they created the office of Champion of the Order; a position traditionally filled by the most qualified sister, most often a former warrior or soldier retired to the cloistered life. Kurn Velden is the first male to ever hold the office; because, despite the peaceful teachings of the Sisterhood, Kurn Velden has a talent for war.

Velden wields the Strikers of Undjask; twin magical warhammers forged in centuries past, once borne by one of Yevona’s greatest paladins and imbued with the power of the goddess herself. These divine artifacts are potent against the forces of darkness, especially the undead. (D&D 5E: On a critical hit against any undead creature, the Strikers automatically cast Divine Smite at Velden’s current level. This does not use a spell slot.)

While some in the order disapprove of his zeal for combat, others recognize him as a gift from the goddess; a bulwark against those who would do the order harm. Those who would threaten the Sisterhood will find Kurn Velden all too ready to meet them, singing a song of praise to the goddess with hammers in hand.

These pictures were taken with my new iPhone, which seems to work just fine with WordPress now. I use the same camera for my Instagram photos. The resolution is insane, so any flaws (and there are many) stick out like a sore thumb. Less work for me, but more unforgiving. Good and bad, I guess…

6 thoughts on “Kurn Velden, High Priest of Yevona

  1. Dave Stone

    Great work Keith and nice background for the character. Avatars of war do make some very nice models and I’ve been tempted by them many times.
    I shall include this in the entries for “the paint what you got challenge “

  2. Dick Garrison

    Nice mini and interesting back story, you do really have a talent for storytelling there Keith, perhaps there’s a sideliner for you there?

    You did miss out one fact though, with those hammers he is also in charge of tenderising the meat at the Sisterhood annual barbeque (and as the only man, probably in charge of the grill too)

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      LOL they do resemble huge meat tenderizers: HUMAN meat tenderizers! Thanks for the compliment, Roger. I’ve always enjoyed creating characters for rpgs…it’s hands-down my favorite part of being a player. Truth be told, I recycled the religion fluff I created for my D&D 3.5 campaign that I ran in 2013, so most of the work was already done.

  3. Matt

    Great job on him, Keith! The colour choice is excellent and his face is wonderfully expressive. And your choice of warhammers is obviously the only sane choice.

    I like the temple in the background — where did you get it, or did you make it?

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Thanks, Matt. The temple is made by Things From the Basement. Joerg makes some pretty affordable MDF terrain and he’s always been great to do business with. This is from his Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago line. I used it originally for some X-Men adventures in the Savage Land. You should check him out (there’s a link in the sidebar); but beware. If you do, you’re going to find something you will buy. And he’s in New England, too!

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