Monster May(hem) 2021 Begins!

It’s May 1st! Time for Monster May(hem), so get painting! Those monsters aren’t gonna paint themselves!

Here’s a list of all the current participants, along with links to their blogs (where applicable):

Don’t see your name here yet? No problem! Just email me at or drop a comment below and let me know you want to participate! It’s never too late to paint a monster!

(Unless it’s June; it which case it’s technically too late.)

Here’s what’s happening so far:

We have our first submission! Matt from PM Painting is Johnny-on-the-spot already! Check out his awesome-looking Lovecraftian Elder Thing!

Although technically not submissions for this year, Dave from Wargames Terrain Workshop is showcasing some amazing Dragons he sculpted AND painted (both masterfully) over on his site right now!

Tom from The Good Ground jumped into the pool with a very cool Red Slaad!

And Azazel painted this beautiful Coral Golem! I love it!

I’m running behind already; and I’m the guy hosting this challenge! It’s the same every year…

Gonna go start mine…

10 thoughts on “Monster May(hem) 2021 Begins!

  1. Dick Garrison

    Hooray!!! It’s Monster month (or Mayhem). I’m going to try and get a monster built for this but I do have a couple of pieces from Dave that I really need to get some paint on first. If I wasn’t already in that clip from King Kong vs Godzilla would have sealed the deal (especially as it shows the G Man kicking Kong ass!! (as it should be of course).

    Yep Matts off to a flyer, and a top entry it is too.

    Best of luck to all involved.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Funny you should mention Dave, Roger. Let’s talk about him like he’s not here. I ALSO have a Dave miniature that I would like to get done this month…I’m just not sure if I’ll get to it with all the other projects I have.
      Fingers crossed!

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Of course, Dave! Your dragons are unbelievable; I especially love the blue Asian dragon on the torii arch. That’s one impressive sculpt and paint job, my friend!

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