“Nothing but…STAR WARS!!!!”

Back in 2015, I started painting the miniatures that came with the Imperial Assault core rules. I was proud of myself when I finally got them all done and ready for the table a year later. Then I managed to play a total of TWO games with my friends, who can’t commit to a fucking ham sandwich without 8 weeks notice and an escape clause; so my Star Wars gaming came to an abrupt end and the miniatures have pretty much languished unused since then.

Last year, after six big box expansions and forty miniature expansions to the Core Set, Fantasy Flight Games ceased production of Imperial Assault; choosing to focus on Star Wars Legion instead (a game I don’t play). Now, if you want IA, you’re forced to find existing product; because ain’t no more being made by Fantasy Flight. You would think that because I only managed to play two games, I wouldn’t consider putting my money into this game any more. After all, I have a fully-painted Core Set and all the Wave One miniature expansions, which is enough to play plenty of games, especially at my current rate of gameplay.

You’d be wrong. Recently, for reasons I truly cannot articulate, I went ALL THE WAY IN on Imperial Assault. Well, almost. The later “expanded universe” expansions don’t really interest me all that much. (Although it would be cool to have a Thrawn miniature, especially since his name was dropped in The Mandalorian last season, I don’t need it. But I might pick it up anyway, for the right price.)

Normally, I take opportunities like this to blame Roger for my own shortcomings (and I encourage you all to do the same); but in this case, the blame falls squarely upon the brawny shoulders of Dave from Wargames Terrain Workshop; who has been on a Star Wars project streak for what seems like forever, sculpting, building and painting some truly inspiring stuff. Because of Dave, I have now resolved to watch all things Star Wars in chronological order. Some will be re-watches, of course; but some I’ll be watching for the first time. (I seem to have missed out entirely on The Clone Wars and Rebels, for example.)

I’ve decided to get cracking on more Imperial Assault miniatures in between my other projects. I’m not going to commit to anything specific, but I will paint them according to expansion release. That way if I get bored or annoyed I can sell them off as complete lots. (It could happen.) I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Mark Sorastro’s YouTube Channel is spectacular. I followed his tutorials for many of the Core Imperial Assault miniatures; I expect I’ll be doing the same going forward.

I’ll post my progress periodically. First up: The Twin Shadows expansion, which introduces the “OG” Mandalorian, Boba Fett, to Imperial Assault.

8 thoughts on ““Nothing but…STAR WARS!!!!”

  1. Dave Stone

    That is a serious haul you have there mate, I’m actually jealous of several of them, as I haven’t got round to getting them yet myself, still need Thrawn as well.
    Shall watch with interest as you progress through these and any tips on colours and bits just ask Keith will be happy to help.
    Oh and sorry about the constant bombardments of Star Wars posts that led to this large purchase ! LOL
    although I’m sure it’s still probably Roger’s fault somehow ! ROFL

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      I think I somehow panicked when I realized there was no more Imperial Assault forthcoming. Then I went online and saw what some people were asking for miniatures ($80 or best offer for Ahsoka Tano??!! WTF???!!!) and panicked even more. Turns out those ridiculous prices are the exception, not the rule; but they’re likely to climb now that the game is officially out of production. I cleared out a FLGS at a pretty substantial discount (no one is playing this game since Legion came out), and I got Twin Shadows and Boba Fett last Christmas, so I think I’m good.

  2. Dave Stone

    Thinking about it, as Roger doesn’t remember so many of the characters I’ve been working on recently, I’m actually highlighting what he missed when he watched them, so it’s his fault, from a certain point of view ! LMFAO

  3. Dick Garrison

    I love Star Wars but strangely have never felt the urge to game it (or paint any of the figures from it either), this is odd as I do LOVE Star Wars, really don’t know why this is. Anyway the very best of luck with this mate. It should be very cool!

    Oh and this now means that if you don’t finish all the miniatures you can blame me for your apathy! (I don’t like to miss out on blame!)

    Cheers Roger.

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