The 2021 Season of Scenery To-Do List

With one month gone already in Dave Stone’s Season of Scenery, I am lagging a bit behind. I’ve decided to do a bunch of small pieces that have been sitting around for far too long. Hopefully I can get the majority of them done by the end of August; but if not, at least I’ll have made some progress. Much of it is either 3D-printed or resin cast stuff, some of which I’ve owned for almost a decade.

Pretty much everything that’s black up in that picture is 20mm Gaslands scenery: fuel tanks, fuel barrels and tire stacks. These should be very easy to paint and hopefully will go fast. The white stuff is some new 3D-printed cargo piles I picked up in 28mm scale. Again, not hard to do, just time-consuming. The gray stuff is what’s left over from a 3D-printed sci-fi crate order I got last year. I used the other crates in my Star Trek Forgotten Worlds scenarios, but since I didn’t need these large ones I didn’t bother to paint them. Then there’s the vending machines and the Victorian weird science dynamo, both from Armorcast, and both purchased so long ago I can’t remember when. (I don’t even think they make the dynamo anymore.) Those damn vending machines have been sitting on my desk in their respective basecoats for almost ten years. It’s time, man.

Finally, I have three resin barricades I’ve owned since 2003 or so. I bought them for Warhammer 40K, but I never really went back to playing 40K so I never needed them. Primed black on the left side of the picture is a ruined wall fortification, another 40K piece I never got to. While these are the oldest and largest pieces of scenery; they’re also the lowest priority. Still, it would be nice to get to them…maybe if time permits.

7 thoughts on “The 2021 Season of Scenery To-Do List

  1. Dave Stone

    Some mighty fine looking scenery pieces in there Keith, look forward to seeing what you do with them, and how many you can get done, the tyre stacks should be a quick and easy win. The big crates you’ve got would work in multiple settings including Imperial Assault.

  2. Matt

    That’s a decent chunk of scenery, Keith! I like the barricades and sci-fi boxes. Looking at the Gaslands stuff, have you ever done an AAR on it? If not, any chance..? 🙂

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      Not only have I not done an AAR on it, I haven’t even PLAYED it despite having about 20 cars converted and ready and a fair bit of scenery to boot. I was supposed to play with a friend pre-pandemic, but he cancelled last minute. Then you-know-what happened.

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