War Rocket Imperial Fleet

The Fleet


Finally painted up my starting War Rocket fleets. Above is the Imperial starter fleet, available from Hydra Miniatures. The Imperial Fleet is the military force of the evil cosmic overlord Marduk, and in my opinion, the coolest-looking of the fleets.

Starter fleets come with 9 Class 1 and 3 Class 2 Rockets, which is enough of a force to play a decent game.  Depending on whether or not I like the game, I may invest in more fleets, or at least some Class 3 and Class 4 ships. They certainly look cool.

Close-up of the Imperial Class 2 Rocket



4 thoughts on “War Rocket Imperial Fleet

  1. C Owen

    You really want a comment field open on this? That’s just asking for spam.

    You know, spam. Like what Matt would post.

  2. C Owen

    Those look pretty sweet, by the way. almost… ALMOST, makes me want to endure your company so we could play that game.

  3. The Angry Piper Post author

    I have another fleet painted. Posting pictures of the Galacteers soon. So technically, we COULD play the game. If only you could endure my company.

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