Monster May(hem) 2022

It’s that time of year…

Here at Dead Dick’s Tavern, Monster May(hem) kicks off the annual painting challenges that I look forward to most: Monster May(hem) in May, Forgotten Heroes in June, and the Summer of Scenery in July and August (Dave gives us an extra month so we really have no excuse). Participation in my humble challenge has grown steadily over the years, and last year Matt and Azazel in particular really showed us what can be done in just thirty-one days! I look forward to hosting this challenge every year!

Anyway, what is Monster May(hem)? Why, it’s the month you paint monsters, of course. Any monster will do, although it should be a proper MONSTER; no skeletons or orcs. I mean something truly beastly; like a wyvern or a shoggoth or an owlbear. Your monster(s) doesn’t have to be strictly a fantasy miniature, and it may be any scale and from any manufacturer. Wanna see past Monster May(hem) stuff? Just check the archives for May; staring in 2018. or, if you’re too lazy to do that, you can get a pretty good idea what I’m talking about by looking at this post and this post. Everyone is welcome, of course. Just inform of me your intent to participate in the comments below. I will link to your stuff throughout the month, and (if it’s not there already) add your blog/website/social media to the blogroll on the side! If you don’t have a site of your own and still want to participate, I’ll happily host your pictures here and ensure you get proper attribution!

I’ve got a few plans already for this year; but as usual I’m not sure if I’ll get to all of them.

So…who’s in?

12 thoughts on “Monster May(hem) 2022

  1. Dave Stone

    Of course I’m in, and wouldn’t miss a Monster May(hem), although I don’t think I’ll be going as big as last year, hopefully I can put a few surprises in.

  2. Azazel

    I’m *All In* again this year. I’ve got a fair bit of stuff wot needs finishing, and a bunch of other stuff that needs an excuse to get paint onto it. I’ve got no chance of finishing all the stuff I’d like to, but I’ll see how much I can get done!
    I may even stretch the rules a little, but if it helps get one specific model finished, it’ll be worth it!
    I’ll also see if I can rope Marouda into painting something again as well…

  3. Matt

    Yep, I am definitely in! Does a dragon count? I’m going to sort of try to stay away from Lovecraftian stuff this year but will probably fail LOL!

  4. Dick Garrison

    I think I’m in, but not going as “all in” as the last two years, I do have a scratch build I’d like to do, but I’m not sure if he (yes it is a he) even qualifies tbh, I also have a couple of “Advent Challenge” figs that I think qualify.

    Hope they do I love this challenge!

    Cheers Roger.

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