Monster May(hem) 2022: Manticore

Well, I finally got something done.

This is a manticore, from Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures. I really like this sculpt.

As my friend Jon, creator of the Tale of the Manticore podcast, is about to bring his first epic quest to a close; I thought I’d dedicate this miniature to him. I’ve hyped Tale of the Manticore on this site before (and likely will again). It’s an old-school rpg/dark fantasy podcast that’s not really like anything else. The perfect blend of storytelling and roleplaying, and it’s great to listen to when painting miniatures. You can find it anywhere you find podcasts.

Although I’m reasonably happy with the paint job on the manticore, I’m pretty meh about the base. I was in a hurry ( I had to get SOMETHING done, for Christ’s sake), and I didn’t put as much attention into it as I would like. It needs something, like the bones of a victim, perhaps…

Monster May(hem) continues apace, with many talented contributors both out in the blogosphere and on Instagram. Here’s the blogroll:

Jeremy, aka Carrion Crow; from Carrion Crow’s Buffet, has begun work on his Straw God from Crooked Dice miniatures. (Jeremy, you should absolutely check out Azazel’s work on those Ghostbusters devil-dogs! Link below.)

Roger from Rantings From Under the Wargames Table, has sculpted a wonderful Jason Voorhees from scratch, and painted him in his typical adroit manner! Ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha!!

Matt from PM Painting started things off with a Queen of Hell, then moved on to an avatar of Hastur, then to some Hell Hounds, then a Tomb Tapper, a Rock Troll, a swarm of Muccins and a Chaos Dragon Ogre! (He’s really lagging behind this year…)

Azazel from Azazel’s Bitz Box has completed a Burrowing Horror, a Byakhee, some Earth Elementals, a Spawn of Ungoliant that has to be seen to be believed; and those cool demon dogs from Ghostbusters! Way to go, Azazel!

Dave from Wargames Terrain Workshop (aka “Mr. Star Wars”) started with a pair of wampas and a Tattooine sand ape, then scratch-built a purrgil; then switched it up and painted a gibbering horde and a chaos spawn. Then he went back to Star Wars for a Tattoine sand bat, a scratch-built blurrg and (my favorite) a scratch-built Ziro the Hutt! Outstanding!

Tom from over on Instagram painted a “corrupted were-deer”, a werewolf, a gibbering mouther, and…something else… (a little help here, Tom). It’s a CMON miniature and it looks like a mosquito man…

and a few newcomers to Monster May(hem) this year:

Fellow Super Mission Force enthusiast Jon from Jon’s Hobby Desk, has begun work on a Glottkin, a big Nurgle-beastie!

Simon, aka Blax the Kleric, from Fantorical Wargaming, has completed the Straw God from Crooked Dice (that same one Carrion Crow is also working on), and has also finished another Crooked Dice miniature: the Giant Ape!

And Malcolm, also from Instagram, has painted a Reaper basilisk and a Nolzur’s wyvern! Cool stuff!

Please check out all these wonderful hobbyists. Visit their sites, drop them a comment or two, or just introduce yourself and say hello. The main reason I host this challenge is because it’s fun; but it’s also a great way to show support and inspire and showcase the work of other people!

I’m still hoping to get at least one more monster miniature done by the end of the month…fingers crossed!

11 thoughts on “Monster May(hem) 2022: Manticore

  1. Thomas

    I don’t remember what the sculpt is called. It’s from the CMON game Smog: Rise of Moloch or Rise of Smog: Moloch or Moloch Smog Rise or Smog Moloch Rise. It’s basically a bug person hatching from a human.

      1. Tom

        I snap up the odd mini when I see it. Some of them are very good. Some are good and expensive.

  2. Dave Stone

    The Manticore looks awesome Keith, I actually like the barren base, as it gives the impression of moving in for the kill over open land. Look forward to seeing what other delights you have in store for us.

  3. Matt

    Ooo, lovely work on the manticore, Keith! I really like the muted tones and how you’ve brought out its fierce expression!

    I am lagging this year… only eight entries, with one more to come 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison

    Smashing work on the Manticore, the face is awesome! I too like the barren base, I’m not one for these “all singing. all dancing” bases let it suit the subject but not distract I say.

    Will have to have a nose about the other entries I haven’t seen yet.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. The Angry Piper Post author

      There’s some really great stuff to be seen, Roger. Everyone is really bringing it this year (except for me)! Like I said, I’m a big fan of this manticore. The Nolzur’s monsters are annual faves here for Monster May(hem) because they’re relatively inexpensive and sculpted so well!

  5. Azazel

    Nice work on that Manticore, mate. I may have to look into that particular Nolzur’s model down the line. You certainly pulled off the creepy human-like face (that most Manticores seem to miss entirely!)

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