Monster May(hem) 2023

Monster May(hem) 2023 starts tomorrow, so let’s get priming!

Here is the blogroll so far:

Also, a few of my Instagram friends are joining in:

Don’t see your name here and want to? Drop me a line with your info and you’re in! There’s still time to join the fun!

For my own sanity, I will post Monster May(hem) updates once a week rather than try to keep up with every submission…but the blogroll is here for a reason! Drop by the sites and accounts listed here and have a look for yourself! Support our fellow hobbyists!

6 thoughts on “Monster May(hem) 2023

  1. Jeremy

    Any post which features the Cookie Monster is automatically a win for me. I assume that an ogre, even if wearing spandex and sporting an afro, still counts, right?

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