Dwarvember Returns

A couple of years back, fellow  (or perhaps former, he’s been inactive lately) TMPer Sam Sagace hosted Dwarvember, a month-long celebration of all things Dwarvish held in November. Basically, hobbyists were invited to paint at least one dwarf figure per week and post the results. But, since it doesn’t seem like Sam (or anyone else) has hosted this event since 2013, I’m humbly stepping in to bring it back. I need very little incentive to paint dwarfs.

Here are the “rules”:

Pics/links will be posted here every Saturday in November, starting on the 7th. So hurry up and get your dwarf painted! The other dates will be the 14th, 21st and 28th.

Dwarf miniatures may be from any company, and any scale.

Send your pictures or a link to your blog to angrypiper@angrypiper.com. I will post my own dwarf here, as well as any pictures I receive. I will link to your picture if you wish to host it on your own blog. And I’ll put a link to your blog on the sidebar for good measure.

First post is on the 7th, so get painting!