Forgotten Heroes: The Liberty Legion: The Repaints

Sincere apologies to my fellow participants, but I have been unable to post an update to my Forgotten Heroes contribution until now. First up: the repaints. These are members of the Liberty Legion who already had a released miniature, and who required only a fresh coat of paint and a few minor adjustments to be ready:

Here’s what they looked like before repainting. All I did here was rebase them.

And here’s how they look after my brushwork. From l-r, Miss America, Whizzer, and Thin Man! Miss America has an annoying habit of leaning back, which isn’t something I can seem to correct. I really hate the plastic “effects”, like Whizzer’s speed blur, on some of the newer clix, but this one’s pretty much impossible to remove.

For some reason unknown to me, Thin Man came equipped with a couple of knives and was sporting a handlebar mustache. Not the way I remember him. the Thin Man I remember was clean-shaven, had a different costume (this one is better!) and he didn’t have any knives. (After all, he can become almost completely two-dimensional, so if he had need of a knife, he could just make his hand into one.) Needless to say, I decided to remove the knives. The mustache was trickier and I opted not to remove it; rather I just painted over it in the hopes we could all pretend not to see it, much like Cesar Romero’s Joker ‘stache. (If he looks too shiny, it’s because I took the picture before I had a chance to give him a spray of Dullcote!)


Here’s a closeup of Miss America. Note the annoying lean.

Red Raven began as an X-Men Angel miniature. His original yellow costume was ideally suited for Red Raven, and all I needed to do was paint him red! I really like the way he came out.

And finally, some special guest stars: Union Jack and Bucky! Bucky’s gun is bent and there’s no way to fix it short of giving him a new one. I don’t have a spare Thompson, but I may add some grenades or a knife to his belt (remember, Bucky was a soldier!). We’ll see.

Here’s a shot of all the repainted miniatures.

Tomorrow, the real Forgotten Heroes submissions. I mean full-blown conversions of the remaining members of the Liberty Legion: Jack Frost, Blue Diamond, and the Patriot! Plus a very special guest!

4 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes: The Liberty Legion: The Repaints

  1. Dick Garrison

    Absolutely top work sir, they might only be re-paints but you’ve lifted them immeasurably!!

    Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the “Legion” tomorrow now.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Jeremy Winstanley

    Nice work, Keith. Regarding Thin Man’s costume and knives, this is how he apoeared in the “New Invaders”, which was a modern spin-off around the time Marvel tried to replace Captain Britain with a female version, who eventually became a character called Lionheart. This version of the Thin Man was a bit ‘darker’ than the original, hence the knives.

  3. The Angry Piper Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, gents! I am unfamiliar with anything about the Legion post mid-80’s or so, Jeremy, so thanks for the update on Thin Man. I really like the newer costume (dig that stylish coat), but I chose to repaint him in the classic yellow and green.

    Did the “new” Thin Man stab people? Just wondering.

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