Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire…

Hello all.

Regular blog visitors may wonder aloud, “Hey, Piper, where the hell is the conclusion to the Time Trap Super Mission Force campaign?”

It’s on its way. It has been delayed because I did something very bad. I started a new PS4 game that has sucked all my free time away. I’m addicted. My own personal Time Trap, if you will.

You may wonder what game I have started. It’s this one:

Yeah, that’s right. It’s Mad Fucking Max! It came out in 2015, but in my typical fashion I just started playing it now, in part because it was a free download on the Playstation Network a few months back.

How is the game? Pretty damn awesome. Driving and converting cars, blowing up more cars, killing lots of wasteland scavvys, eating dog food…it’s got it all. Hence the delay in posting the conclusion to the SMF campaign.

Not surprising, this video game is making me want to play Gaslands very much, indeed. Turns out next month I have a couple of long lost friends getting together at my place, so maybe I’ll finally get to play. I’m glad I got my Gaslands cars done back in April, as I already have a prior project commitment for the month of September. More on that later…

I’ll have that conclusion to Time Trap up this weekend. Promise.

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